A Toast to Innocence

{LISTEN: Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Fogelberg}

Inside my car in the month of December is, quite possibly, the most annoying place to be. That is because Christmas music is constantly playing. The average person can only stand a certain amount of jingly bells and merry music. But I never claimed to be average. 
I like Christmas music. A lot.

Holiday hits from Michael Buble and Barenaked Ladies
and She & Him and Elvis Presley 
are on heavy rotation in my car. I love 'em all.
I want to talk about my most favorite holiday song: 
Same Old Lang Syne, by Dan Fogelberg.

Husband loathes it almost as much as I love it. 
It's sappy and enjoyable and depressing and catchy and odd, all at the same time. 
And, our local soft rock station ALWAYS plays the heck out of it during their month-long streak of holiday music. 

Until this year rolled around.
 I've been tuned in to 96.9 since Thanksgiving,
waiting to hear the familiar sounds of my favorite song.
I've waited & waited & waited. 
They never played it. 

Will told me that he called the station, and complained about it,
so that they wouldn't play it so much this year. 
I was beginning to believe him.

Last week, I was tempted to dial up the request line, something I haven't done since the eighth grade, and ask them to "play me some Fogelberg!".
And then, tonight, with 3 days left 'til Christmas,
a Christmas miracle happened....
my song came on the radio. 

And I sang along with the lyrics, 
about snow falling and spilled purses,
groceries being totaled up and bagged,
an architect and a toast to innocence.
(told you the song was odd.)

And Will rolled his eyes.
And I was really happy.
Then he grabbed the phone and snapped a picture of me singing,
in the hopes that it would embarrass me.
But it didn't. 
Because I was too busy 
spreading Christmas cheer, 
by singing loudly for all to hear.

What Christmas song makes you smile?

p.s. these pictures have nothing to do with what I wrote. Except that in the black and white photo, it appears as though we are serenading someone. Which we do a lot, because Hudson is my favorite little singing partner. I bet by next year he'll be singing along to Same Old Lang Syne with me. :)


Megan said...

I'm right there with you on the constant listening to Christmas music! I've been waiting to hear my favorite (I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas) but the radio has yet to play it. Maybe too many people hate it, haha. I think I might just have to make a CD with that song on there so I can finally listen to it while we're finishing up our Christmas stuff around town!

My Journey With Candida said...

Old Lang Syne can bring tears to my eyes. I like ALL Christmas music. I grew up on Gene Autry singing christmas carols. To this day, my Daughter thinks he is the only one that can sing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and sound good.

Dree said...

Old Lang Syne is definitely a favorite holiday song of mine. I can totally see myself freaking out if I heard it on the radio. Love the picture of you singing along!!


Natasha said...

haha...what a great story! For some reason I haven't listened to near enough holiday music this year. Perhaps I get tune some in for our 13hr drive this morning!

I hope you and your family have a great Christmas!!

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

Mackenzie said...

i am SO glad i stumbled upon your blog. i am so smitten with it already. and oh man, i am the worst car dj in the month of december, girl. christmas song karaoke all day. let's start a club.

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

Just wanted to drop bye and wish you and your family
Happy Holidays!!


Shannon said...

I always love Jingle Bell Rock. Original version is best, but I appreciate newer versions as well. I always catch myself singing along, and then looking around horrified making sure no one heard me.

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

we have a few "musicians" in our house too. i can't get enough of their sweet little voices!

jeannie said...

Hudson's little curls in that picture are sooo cute. It always amazed me when you were in high school how you knew the words to every song you heard. I guess you still do. You and Hudson look so cute in your matching blues.

katiewake said...

AHHH!! Shut up - I've always loved that song too! I'm really kind of upset that I haven't heard Dominic the Donkey yet. 96.9 - Can you hear us?? More of the music we like!?!! Less Frosty, more Dominic.

Ebenezer Scrooge said...

Well I have heard your song 2 times 2 much. I love most all Christmas music but I can not stand that song. I am sorry that I did NOT listen to it on your blog today. If I hear it again I will call up 96.9 and have a word or two. Hudson, don't worry buddy you don't have to listen to garbage like that.


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

I have been singling to Christmas music for ever now. Im so happy. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

rachel said...

YES!!!!! oh you KNEW i would love this to the tips of toes! this post makes me so happy i could do a cartwheel! i am for real sitting here smiling like a total fool at my desk!

and OMG....i can't believe they had a boycott of our favorite song down there too! i haven't heard it even one single time this year and i pretty much have the christmas station on 24/7 too! i had to download it to get my fix...and it was worth every penny of the $1.99....

"as i turned to make my way back home, the snow turned into rain...."

best song ever.

kira said...

I probably couldn't handle it in your car. I want to love Christmas music and be all festive, but it gets old for me really fast. I think it has to do with working retail back in the day and having to listen to the same Christmas songs over and over.

Amber said...

Who doesnt love Christmas music?!? 'Its so cheery and fun. I;m posting a few of my favorites tomorrow, check them out if you can :)

Ashley Eliza said...

first off.. im stealing your hair. HELLO luscious LOCKS! loveeee ash. you look amazing. okay and i love the fact that you've been jammin out to barenaked ladies christmas because i have too :)

i hope that you're enjoying your holidays!

Emily said...

i can relate girl! It completely makes my day when my favorite song comes on the radio, and then i proceed to jam out to it. Hope you have a fabulous weekend and Christmas, that blue is amazing on you!

Janette said...

I've never heard that song.. I'm going to YOU TUBE it and try to picture you singing along you silly goose!

Janette, the Jongleur

Andrea said...

I just found your blog.. it's fantastic! I think I'll stay awhile :) I totally hear ya about the Christmas songs.. I hear them and just get all tingly inside. Ahh Christmas, you're awesome.

NaNa said...

What a great story! You look so happy in the last pic when the song came on haha. And the first few photos are adorable. :)

Haley K said...

Christmas music is too fantastic to not soak it up during the whole holiday season!! even a few days after :) And I'd never heard of "Same Old Lang Syne" but I really like it :) And the fact that you love it, and Will doesn't think so highly of it, just shows that opposites attract!! Adam and I have differences with music all the time ;)

And I love imagining you & Hudson singing your hearts out to it! :)

misc.alaina said...

That b+w photo of you two is just beautiful, and your hair looks amazing! I like the story behind that song, but never really thought of it as a Christmas song. Definitely one you have to listen to until the end! I am looking forward to singing Christmas carols with my entire family on Christmas Eve - it drives Matt crazy!

Autumn said...

I love "O Holy Night."

I had a roommate that had her alarm clock as "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" and it was in a ridiculous voice. Now I laugh every time I hear that song.

Cara-Mia said...

I LOVE Christmas music, so I would love to be in your car haha.

And I have to say I like this song. My parents are Dan Fogelberg fans, so I definitely had to hear his music. :)