A Few of My Favorite Things

Hi all you lovely Hudson's Happenings readers :)
I was so happy when Ashley asked me to guest post! Honored actually. Her space is a favorite of mine in blog land. Her positive outlook on life, the way she captures and shares sweet daily life along with the big adventures with her beautiful family, is all so inspiring!
I'd like to share with you guys a few of my favorite things that come along with the Christmas season...with a few photos from our little family's Christmas time last year.
They remind me of what the true meaning of Christmas is, celebrating the birth of Christ. Depicting a loving mother and father, humble shepherds and regal kings who had traveled to worship the babe, some include an angel proclaiming his birth, and most importantly the precious baby Jesus in a manger, they're just beautiful in every way. Each are lovely and touching in their right...but my favorite is the beautiful white nativity my sweet Grandma Smith made (pictured above). I have sweet memories setting it up at my home in Washington with my family...always on top of our piano, a top angel hair and white Christmas lights :)

Whether it's the warm glow from our fireplace, the light from our Christmas tree that soaks our front room, driving by a home covered in twinkling lights, or the light and scent from a Christmas candle on a beautifully set table...Christmas lights add such a cozy, warm touch to an otherwise cold, and dark winter.

You know what I'm talking about right? The contagious Christmas cheer that makes us smile so big our cheeks hurt, and the Christmas cheer that's been known to make hearts grow 3 times their size in just one day ;) I love how the Christmas season brings smiles that come from listening to Christmas music, wrapping presents for our sweetheart, going to the mailbox and finding Christmas cards, the warm feeling that fills your chest after drinking hot chocolate, when you share hearty laughs with family, or the smile that comes after a kind stranger lets you go in front of them in the grocery store checkout line because they can tell that your young son was ready to be done and be home. People have a stronger disposition to do good to those around them...and I love it.

Here's wishing everyone a lovely Christmas and holiday season!!
I'm going to get me a glass of eggnog :)


Petchie said...

Great guest post! I love nativities too! I like the first one in this post it is so pretty!


A Nativity Fan said...

This is a great post! I can tell why Ashley loves your blog. You touched on so many things that we try to bring into our home each and every Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!!

jeannie said...

I love the nativity in the first picture, very pretty. This was a very sweet post and her little boy is adorable!!!!

Haley K said...

Ashley thank you again for letting me share on your blog!! Especially about such a wonderful holiday :) And I've LOVED the previous guest posts! Keep 'em coming!

And i hope you, Hudson, and Will are having a great week! Hope you'll update us on your happenings after this Christmas Countdown :)


Gentri said...

Love it Haley! And look how cute brooks was! Aw! :)
Ashley- I'm having. Giant giveaway and would love for you to enter! :)

Eva Marie said...

Aww this made me smile :) I love Haley and I love your blog and the two of you together just made my day

jordan said...

Your blog and Haley's are among my daily reads, so happy to see you two together!

Kylie said...

ohhh i just love this favorite things feature! HOW FUN! i love haley too! we went to school together (in college), she is truly a sweetheart inside and out!

Amber said...

I love the lights too. Its so fun to see everyone's Christmas lights turn on once the sun starts to set.

Kiki said...

I'm friends with Haley, and love her blog! Looks like I will have to add this blog to my list, love it! Haley, I love your nativities, and that picture of Brooks in the Batman outfit kills me! So cute!

Along Abbey Road said...

Your house is awesome. I want to come join in the Christmas cheer at your house! So magical!

Along Abbey Road

Raven said...

um is that baby not THEE cutest? (Besides our little Hudson and Gunner/Colt of course :) ) I also love nativity scenes. I have one that has been passed down for 4 generations and it is my favorite time EVER when I get to bring it out. Loved this guest post! Going to follow her now.

Sarah said...

oh i love these! i'm counting down to christmas on my site too! hehe. it's just the season to do it - with our favorite things. love!

adore those nativities. it's good to stop and ponder for a bit sometimes. and such lovely family photos. love them! :)

i really can't wait for christmas! x

Meri said...

I have the christmas cheer too- but how could you not with that little guy! TOo cute!

Brooke said...

Amen! It's just a fabulous season!

Tamara Nicole said...

Haley you guys are too cute! Love the family pics and the cute decor:-)


Chelsea said...

hAley, conrad has those exact bat man pj's with the cape on the back! SO precious. I got them at the thrift store a few years back before he was born.

great post!
i do love all of those awesome christmas things as well!