Christmas Abroad.

Hi Ladies and weird men that read blogs,
I am Megan from Across The Pond
I am a born and bread Southern California girl (Los Angeles to be exact)
Over a year ago i packed up my sunny beach going life to move to Nottingham, England
to get my Masters degree.
After I finished i decided to stay in the UK, and now I live in Scotland.
Living abroad/away from your family can make Christmas time a bit tricky,
and comes with a lot of differences.
1. Now i get a white Christmas instead of a 70 degree and sunny Christmas
2. I don't wake up in a house with a pool, dishwasher, or dryer, but instead a flat on the top floor of an old tenement building with a clothesline in the garden.
3. I don't get in my car and drive around to see all the houses decked out with Christmas lights in my suburban town, but i do hop on a train or subway to the nearest outdoor Christmas market fully equipped with mulled wine, hot food, and Christmas lights galore.
4. Instead of pumpkin pie or gingerbread, its Christmas pudding.
Its different, but its still Christmas.
This year, my Christmas involves the following places.
Nottingham, England
London, England
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland
Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland
I'll be posting proper details of my christmas this year on my blog 
a hot irish man is involved.
just sayin.


Shannon said...

That sounds like my kind of Christmas. Much better than my boring Nebraska one!

Cami said...


<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Gentri said...

LOVE Megan! Can't wait to hear more about her Christmas experiences abroad. :)

Jamie said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Reina said...

wow awesome pictures ,i want to visit england one day

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! So beautiful! :)

Jennifer Rod said...

Megan is the coolest and luckiest girl getting to visit those places over Christmas. whenver i need a laugh her blog always does it for me! :)

A Weird Guy said...

This weird guy only read your blog today because you are on my lovely wife's page. HAHA Great pictures and sounds like a fun but different Christmas. I believe I will stick to the traditional Christmas here with the fam. I would like to visit all of these places someday!

Merry Christmas!!!

Kylie said...

ohhh how fun! christmases abroad are so interesting but fun! i spent christmas in china one year, and hawaii a few others... so fun to see how it is celebrated around the world.

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Oh that Megan, she can make any subject hilarious (c: I think I would definitely take her 70 degree scottish christmas any ol' day!

Raven said...

I freaking love Megan.

like, to death.

You Ash, me and megs. Let's make this happen :)