What 'cha been doing?

1. the last of the Autumn leaves
2. getting ready with my favorite buddy
3. best book ever
4. all hail the king
5. God is good
6. pretty Christmas Coke can
7. Hudson positioned these animals while I was in another room
8. yeehaw cowboy
9. dinner at Cracker Barrell
10. furry little fox
11. fun with doodle booth
12. snuggly baby
13. Breaking Dawn 
14. little cutie
15. Hudson wanted his "ball take bath, too!"
16. rainy day pajama time
17. lunch at Sweet Pepper's
18. Thanksgiving morning Meals-on-Wheels deliveries
19. Hudson isn't enthusiastic about Black Friday
20. My contribution to Thanksgiving: a homemade herbed cheese ball
21. so happy to be at the park
22. a little Thanksgiving hike
23. Santa rode his rocket to the US Space & Rocket Center
24. beautiful Christmas lights at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens
25. 'tis the season for reindeer and snow and s'mores and smiles
26. family fun
27. hot apple cider


misc.alaina said...

Looks like you have been up to a lot of fun things! Hudson makes the best faces - love these shots of him! The meals on wheels program is wonderful, and it is awesome that you guys participated!!

Taylor said...

So fun! Hello Kitty shirt...Wouldn't think anyone could really rock that but you make it look amazing, I would look like a dork. Car pictures are the best

My Journey With Candida said...

So many GREAT pictures!! You sure have been a busy Mommy with Hudson.

jeannie said...

Yesterday was a fantastic day! The little guy was so sweet. I think Hudson enjoyed the park, so many slides to choose from. We enjoyed going to Botanical Gardens. The snow, smores, reindeer, and especially santa was so much fun.

Nicole said...

Love #13. My fave.

jessica said...

This is so pretty! Looks like you have been having lots of fun. What a coincidence that we had a date with the same guy! :)

{amy k.} said...

your little man is seriously adorable.. love his hair!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I love the one of Hudson passed out in his car seat. Total cuteness! There's so many times I wish I could pass out like that...

Oh, and silly little boy positioning the animals.. when I saw that pic I was like what the? huh? Good thing you have explanations =)

kira said...

Lots of fun! Hudson is adorable! :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

looks like lots of fun adventures with the little one!

Meri said...

These are a great collection, and I love how you did the layout with the bright pink! My favorite one is Hudson laying on the rug :)

Emma Frances said...

These pictures are so much fun! :]

Ariel said...

Love these pictures! Such a fun post!

Ashley Eliza said...

i love the one of you drying your hair the most..hudsons smile makes me melt. i love picture collages.. something about them just makes me happy!


Cindy P said...

I love these photos Ashley! I'm so glad you had a good Thanksgiving and these photos sure prove that! =D

A Man On The Move said...

1. I hope I don't have to rake the yard again. I Love Fall Though.
2. Cute Picture and where are y'all off to?
3. What did it take you like 2-3 days to read it?
4. The King for sure.
5. This is such a great sight to see on 65.
6. I do likr the Coke can design this year.
7. Line them up.
8. Round em up Cowboy.
9. Allways a good meal.
10. Where the Fox Hat. Is that hat on backwards?
11. I am going to get me a pipe.
12. Just watching some TV.
13. Glad you had fun on your date. HAHA
14. Would you say he gets his good looks from me?
15. Splash
16. Soulds nice.
17. What a cool kid chair!
18. I am so glad we did this. These people were so happy to see us.
19. I am with you buddy.
20. Now that is a good cheese ball.
21. Parks are fun
22. While daddy does a little Roll Tide dance at the house.
23. Santa is the man on his rocket.
24. This was neat to see and Hudson could not make his mind up on which way to look.
25. Fun Times.
26. Always Fun to be together.
27. Good Stuff


Sarah said...

hehe aww! going through your post and then seeing your husband's comment afterward was too sweet. :)

it feels as though i was there because of your photo updates on instagram. lovelovelove your photos, ash! all your family moments never fail to put a smile on my face. :) keep blessing others with your really genuine love for all. xx

Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

Love this photo collage! Adorable! Looks like you've had a nice time :D

Ana said...

Love his smile! So cute! :)

Courtney B said...

I still need to see breaking dawn!
Homemade cheese balls are the best! I can't wait to make mine :)
And can I please come play with you guys for a day?!

Janette said...

WHOA! That herbed cheese ball looks delicious.. So many cool things to look at, but my eyes zeroed in on the mountain of nutty goodness! Was it a hit? I think you should share how you made it.. Or any other recipes you may have.. I don't remember you doing a recipe post.. I'm sure you've got some glorious goodies to share, right?

Janette, the Jongleur

Cat said...

Awwh this is an adorable post. :D

How cute is Hudson with his little crown?! :D xx

Victoria said...

This is TOOOO adorable !!! :)

Haley K said...

looks like life has been filled with all sorts of goodies lately! :) I absolutely love that Hudson made that little parade out of the elephant and frogs ;) And how wonderful of you guys to go out on Thanksgiving morning and serve others! I'm sure the recipients of those meals were so grateful :)

meghan said...

Those pretty Christmas coke cans are sure pretty, but they're also apparently confusing. I don't drink much soda, but I mentioned to my mom when I was coming home for Thanksgiving that she could buy a few Diet Cokes for me....one day when I went to get one, I asked where they were, and she pointed me right at those cokes. Ha! She had no idea.