A serious case of Lighthouse Leg.

I don't really "do" lighthouses.

I used to.
Until I climbed a million stairs
in the Tybee Island Lighthouse
near Savannah, Georgia,
and got so sick
from the narrow winding stairs
that I had to throw up.

Hudson doesn't really "do" lighthouses, either.

Not yet, at least.
Because he's not 44 inches tall,
and allowing him inside would be
a safety hazard.

But, Will does lighthouses.
He loves them.
When we decided to venture out to Pensacola,
we came across Pensacola Light,
"the most haunted lighthouse in the U.S.".
Will had to explore.

He climbed the millions of stairs to the top.
Hudson and I sat in rocking chairs and played checkers.
He descended the millions of stairs to the bottom.
Hudson and I walked along the shoreline.

Hudson and I enjoyed our relaxing time on the Pensacola Coast.
Will suffered from jellyfish legs for approximately 4 days.

Good thing I don't "do" lighthouses.
Do you?

p.s. we had lots of fun posing with the funny pelican....Hudson insisted on calling it a Baby Eagle. Ha.


Eva Marie said...

Occasionally but depends on the day and mood

A good friend of mine lived in Pensocola and moved back to Mobile AL early this year.. We were suppose to travel north when we were in Orlando earlier this year to meet up but we had to change or plans last minute (which is why we went south).. Anyway haha Lovely photos and glad you and Hudson weren't sick from the lighthouses hehe

Jeannie said...

Will, was the lighthouse haunted???? Why didn't you take the moonlight tour???? Your pictures are beautiful. Hudson seemed to be enjoying the flowers. I think he is getting more curls and I love them! Ashley You look so cute in that color and I love your hair.

P.S. I don't do lighthouses either.

Virginie's Cinema said...

I like Lighthouses, as a little girl I used to dream of living in the one in York, Maine, but I understand why you don't do them! Checkers and walks by the shoreline sound so amazing though, I might have skited this one too ( I do lighthouses but I don't do ghosts!).

When I become a mommy, I want to be just like you, and hope Ramiro will have as much fun as Will always seems to be having :)

Virginie ♥

Mallorie Owens said...

Sounds like fun! The hanging out and not "doing" the lighthouse and the exploring :) I'm a little bit of both kinda girl.

Courtney B said...

I have NEVER seen a light house in real life. I know! I need to change that asap!
You're SO pretty :) Love the side braid!
And Hudson's cute, bright outfit? Makes my heart happy!

p.s. Seriously... how are still wearing shorts? I'm so jealous!

A Lighthouse Jelly Leg said...

Great Pictures Swoop. I am so glad you and Hudson were out on the lighthouse lawn looking for me. It had a great view and I did not see any ghost. I am wanting to go back next year and tour the whole house. I also learned that there is a old fort near by. Looks like ya'll had fun while I wore my legs out!


The Frat Pack + Me said...

What pretty pictures! I have only been in one lighthouse, which was in St. Augustine, FL.

Mrs. Biscuit said...

Hudson is getting SO big!

I might be wrong about this, but I don't think I've ever been to the top of a lighthouse. In France we went to a lighthouse and I went inside the lobby area... but I was with a wee 2 year old guy and he wasn't big enough to go up, so we hung out at the bottom and picked flowers instead!

p.s. coming to your blog always makes me so happy, you're just so colorful and cheery!

<3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

It's A Love Story said...

Beautiful picture! His outfit is soo cute!

My Journey With Candida said...

I do short lighthouses LOL.... I don't know if I could or would want to do one with a lot of stairs.

Silly Willy... is that a stork he is spreading his arms with? LOL...

Jennifer said...

I've been DYING to go to a lighthouse. I love them! These pics are beautiful!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Lighthouses are like my favorite thing of all time and I really really cannot wait to go to one!!!!

Brooke said...

I don't think I've ever been inside a lighthouse!! I probably don't "do" them either!

And AHS yesss I am such a fangirl for Tate and love the show. I remember we both watched the first episode and thought it was the weirdest thing and now I'm obsessed with it!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Fun!! We don't really have light houses in So Cal. I think by the time everyone came out this way there wasn't much of a need anymore. I have been to one lighthouse but it was small and there weren't many stairs (thank you Lord!).

I'd love to visit some though :)

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

What fun! I haven't been to a light house in a really long time, but I do think I'd have a lot of fun climbing to the top!

Mariel Torres said...

These pictures made me fall in love with lighthouses all over again! You look absolutely gorgeous babe... as always ;)


Taylor said...

I love your new blog layout! so gorgeous! These pictures are amazing! and you definitely have an eye for that!

You look stunning in that close up too!

Meri said...

I love how cuddly Hudson always is! And that picture with the checkerboard in the foreground is my favorite!

Angie Mc. said...

I've never been to a lighthouse, but I've always wanted to. I think I would like to climb to the top- just to see the view!

Your Hudson is always adorable

Haley K said...

jelly fish legs :)

and i've never been to a light house! looks pretty awesome to me :) but i can understand it not being as appealing after you get ultra nauseous the last time exploring one.

Did Will have any good stories for you from his time in the haunted light house???

and the pictures of you 3 are just too darling! the one of Will behind the pelican statue cracked me up :)

Emma Frances said...

I've never done a lighthouse but I think I could...once! Haha. I LOVE these pictures though. They are amazing. And you are absolutely gorgeous!

Inga said...

Your photos are stunning! And yes, I love lighthouses, maybe just because of the sea. I LOVE the sea. I am not sure I´d like the lighthouses so much if they were in the middle of the countryside..

whitney said...

beautiful photos - that baby boy is so precious! he seems so intruiged by the flowers, or his belly maybe, in that one shot haha :)

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Hehehe...I love the baby eagle comment, so cute! And speaking of cute, y'all are adorable! I definitely would pass on the lighthouse...I just like looking at them, not climbing the bajillion stairs in them! (c;

Amber Blue Bird said...

I've never had the opportunity to "do" a lighthouse but I think if I did I would at least give it a try. However if I ended up throwing up I would never "do" a lighthouse again.

Last day to enter my Shabby Apple Giveaway!

Cara-Mia said...

I've never been anywhere near a lighthouse... but I would possibly go in it. Although not a notoriously haunted one! :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

bahaha - i don't know if i'd "do" that lighthouse, being that the rumor of hauntings kinda freaks me out a bit. i'd stick close to you & Hudson. Will is a brave one, i know for a fact Sean would be up for exploring along with him. gazing up from the ground would be just fine for me too ; )

shorts still?! gotta start tallying my airmile points cos Georgia just keeps looking better and better all the time! xoox ♥

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

aww what lovely photos. I know I know. . you have lost your camera since these were taken. Poor dear. Lighthouses are gorgeous and fun.