Turn your frequency to 106.me

Got a question? Here's your chance to ask. me. anything. 

It's always fun to get to know each other better, right? So, let's just get comfortable. 

I've decided to do a little Q&A here on the blog. Here's how it works: Leave me a comment below, asking your question...then wait. ;) I'll do a post soon with the responses. And if I'm feeling particularly brave, I may even do it vlog style, like my clever friends: Raven and Janette

So, ask away! Ready, set, GO!

p.s. If you're feeling a bit sly and had rather ask your question in private, just email me. You'll find the link on the left of your screen. 


Gentri said...

yay!! I was thinking about you earlier and had a question that I told myself to ask you... guess what. I forgot what it was. Doh! soooooo... tell me, what are your hidden talents (or talents in general)?

Sean Marie said...

Oohh... fun! Okay, do you plan on having more children? If so, how many? :)

Meredith said...

what random advice might you give to a non-specific girl in high school? this is hypothetical, of course ;)

Janette said...

Ok.. Sean Marie totally stole my question! So I'll think of another! Where do you see yourself in 10 years? And the answer better be "living next door to my favorite Jongleur in CA"! haha kidding! Okay..so tell me!

Janette, the Jongleur

Katie said...

I vote vlog style!

Did you have a job outside of caring for Hudson??

Alaythea said...

How do you stay so fit and thin?! Please tell us your aren't one of those girls who is just naturally that way. If so, I hate you. Just KIDDING! Lol! But seriously, you are so cute!

Mr. Awsome said...

If you could make me do anything in the world what would it be and why?

My Journey With Candida said...

Okay, Here goes.

Do you like to cook? And Would you like this apron?

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Once a month, I give an apron away to those who comment on my blog. This month I picked you!! If you want it, Email your address. terrylee5151 at aol dot com

Bonnie said...

This is awesome!! I have been wanting to do a Q&A for a while now, but I haven't quite decided to do so. Maybe I will!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Ollie Things Beautiful said...

What a fun post! Ok, here goes, do you plan on having more children? and if so , how many would you like? Would love to see a vlog! xx-Jackie

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

what kind of things do you and your husband fight about? that's probably a really weird/personal question, but i've realized that all married couples argue and it usually revolves around one or two main things.

also, what kind of nicknames do you have for each other?

If you could move anywhere else in the US where would you want to live?

Carrie said...

are those eyelashes for realz? ;)

Meri said...

Did you go to university? If so, what did you study?

Gwiddle said...

WOooOOO. Since your asking i'm going to get to the juicy stuff! A. How old are you B. Do you want another child/when C. How did you meet Will. Okay so I'm pretty sure other people probably asked the exact same things. oh well. haha

Rach said...

Has your life turned out like you imagined it would when you were younger? What are your hobbies? What camera/lense do you use?

Haley K said...

oh....i hope you do the vlog! :) Here are a few questions for ya...use all or none, whichever you like :)

- If you could join the cast of any TV show what would it be?? (hope that made sense:) (I'm not an actor in any way shape or form, but I'd LOVE to join the cast of Modern Family, or the Office, or New Girl...for example:)
- if you have a bucket list, could you share your favorite 3 items? :)
- what's something you've learned from your marriage??
- since you've had hudson I know you've still made sure to get out and enjoy romantic nights with your hubby :) What's been your favorite date that you two have been on since becoming parents? <3

Shutterbug said...

If your life was made into a movie, which actress would you want to play you?

Cindy P said...

I know you're a stay at home mom to Hudson (and I LOVE that!) but I'm just curious if you plan to work once he goes to school full time (if you don't have anymore children before then, that is!)

Amanda said...

OOOOH! This is a fun concept...Let me think about this.

How would you say you define success? (I know a heavy one, but a great one!)

And on a lighter note, what's a food you can't live without?

Have a great day!

Sabrina said...

you always look perfect!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

side effects of visiting your space: dreaminess, assortment of swoons and mild hysteria!!! i may be seriously addicted by now AND that's a good thing : )

this idea is a big ol' YES and also girl...when did the new blog design come into play?! i didn't spot a post about it but haven't read through everything yet with a fine tooth comb either, maybz the news is somewhere to see. BUT Ash!!!!!!!! omg, this is my favorite look so far! it's use of white space is perfection and the button colors, etc are absolutely ACE's on top of the deck. congrats on this!

so my 1st Q would be a write up on how you decide about these types of creations, what are the ways you source your insp and how do you make it come to fruition so seemingly symmetrical and effortless?

my next Q is how in the hecks do you balance mommy life, wifey times , your own space and blogging? what are your tips/tricks and the secret sauce to pull everything together so well?

i'll be on tinder-hooks waiting...and thank you for the comment love yesterday. i think the same thing all the time. wouldn't it be super incredz to get to hang with YOU in the "reals". yes please! xoox ♥

Ashley Slater said...

so many questions.... how did you meet your husband?

are you planning any siblings for hudson?

you seem to always have the cutest outfits, how do you convince your husband to let you shop so much?!? TELL ME THE SECRET! haha

and how did you get into blog design, you always have the cutest page. what program do you use, photoshop or something else?

I have more, but that is probably enough! can' wait to see your post, or VLOG!

A Lost Feather said...

oh fun :) i just asked this question of another blogger that is doing a similar q and a.. but i think it's a good one! so.. what was your faaaaaavorite part of your wedding day?

rachel said...

lovee, i just want to know what mascara you use because your lashes are to die for!!!! :)

amy b.s. said...

how fun!

birdie to be said...

What a cute idea! I dont have any, but wanted to stop by and comment on your very creative blog post today! xo

Anonymous said...

What would be your dream vacation with hubby? What would be your dream vacation with hubby and Hudson?

Laura Elizabeth said...

I just asked another blogger similar questions but I want to know: Favourite movie? Favourite quote? (can be funny or serious)

You introduced me to The Civil Wars (thanks!!), so any other bands I should be listening out for?

About Judy said...

Fashion! What inspires you to wear such great outfits all while being a Mommy? I LOVE stalking your photos to see how cute and put together you look!

Deidre said...

I'm new here so I'm just stopping in to say hello. I love the dress in your profile picture!

I guess considering the situation, my question is what's your favourite way to get to know a new person?

Anonymous said...

I vote for Vlog style, too! You should create it like an E! News interview with Will as the reporter, asking you the questions.

My question is: You guys have so much adventure...I'm just curious to know if you have lazy days, where you lounge at home in your pj's and no make up, with a good book or tv?

Courtney B said...

I always love love love your family adventures! When we have babies I really want to continue exploring and having fun outings!
How hard is it to get out of the house and play??
I have some friends that never leave their home because they say its too much work to pack their kids up.
And how do you come up with such fun adventures?

I'm with everyone else... would you like more children? I hope so, because you and Will made a perfect little man ;)

Ashley Eliza said...

everyone pretty much covered the bases of the questions i had!

but another one is.. when do you blog? do you have a specific time set aside? or just do it randomly?

also how do you go about picking out your outfits??

ps you're my faveeee.


Faith said...

do you want to try for any more kids? if so, how many more?

you have such fabulous taste? where do you shop?

and your pictures are always so amazing! are you a professional photographer.

as you can see, i want to know a lot, hehe.

looking forward to getting to know you more! :)