Little Gems.

Oh, boy. The things this kid says. 
Yesterday, we went to visit my parents, and little Hudson was in rare form.
--at my parent's house, Hudson was digging through the cabinets and came across a little decorative brass horn.
me: "Oh wow, did you find a horn?"
Hudson: "No, Mama! It's a trumpet."

--at Panera Bread, Hudson decided to forego the sippy cup, and drink from a milk carton with a straw. He extended his arm and clinked his carton to my mom's cup of sweet tea, and said "Cheers!", then took a big gulp. 

--as my mom, Hudson and I drove down a busy road after shopping, there was a flock of birds flying in the sky above us. 
Hudson: "A falcon!"
my mom (or as Hudson calls her, Gennie): "What did he say?"
me: "He sees the birds. He said falcon."
Gennie: (laughing) "Oh, Hudson. You've just gone right over my head."
Hudson: "Gennie! A falcon is a bird!"

--Hudson noticed a band-aid on my knee. I told him, I had a band-aid on my boo-boo. Later, he noticed a little scrape on his knee.
Hudson: "A boo-boo!"
me: "Do you need a band-aid?"
Hudson: "No! Need bandage."
Later, as he sat in his car seat, he wrapped a Wrigley's gum wrapper around his knee.
Hudson: "Oh, a bandage! MUCH better."

--while my mom was making Hudson some dinner, he was snooping around in their refrigerator. He found a chocolate and strawberry truffle sitting on the shelf, and said "Wellll, hello there!"
I am so amazed...and constantly entertained...by my little guy.


Haley K said...

little gems for sure!! Your Hudson seems SO smart!!! Brains and beauty (a masculine beauty of course;)...what a perfect little guy :) "Cheers!" and "Wellll, hello there!" Made me laugh!! lol Love it.

love that you recorded his sweet sayings...keep them coming!

Natasha said...

haha...hilarious! Kids are constant entertainment for sure!

misc.alaina said...

These are hilarious! Love his little one liners!!

I can't wait to see the things my Will says as he gets older.

Gentri said...

"wellll hello there!" hahahaha! Awesomes. :) I love the things little kids say.

Jeannie said...

Ashley, Hudson was so much fun yesterday. He continues to amaze me with his huge personality. I love our shopping trips!!!

A Guy Married to a Gem said...

Hudson amazes me each and every day. He is always saying new things that we are like where in the world did you pick that up. He is one smart little dude.


Petchie said...

How cute! Hudson is not only smart but very cute!! and I love that picture! so adorable!!!


The Presutti's said...

This is too funny! Kids are so hilarious!!

Gwiddle said...

IT seriously amazes me how little kids absorb things! Seriously they come up with the silliest things:) I can't wait to be a mom just for that purpose. haha

vintch said...

aah he sounds so wise beyond his little years:) how fun to have a cute little sidekick like hudson!

My Journey With Candida said...

Oh My Gosh.... Well Hello There just made me laugh.

He is one smart little guy.

Eva Marie said...

Toddler sayings have to by my top favorite thing in life.. love these Ashley :) What a smart inquisitive little boy you have :)

Whitney said...

That's what I say when I see chocolate raspberry truffles too Hudson. =) <3 you sweet little boy

Erica said...

oh wow! such a smartie! honestly, he is just too adorable and i love that picture of him!

Courtney B said...

Oh my... ADORABLE! Haha I just love the things little kids say. The best is when they correct us :)
This makes me so excited to have our own little one someday, and to hear the things that will come out of her mouth :) (I've got to be hopeful here, having a girl is rare in our families. And I need one, ha!)

Meri said...

He's definitely a clever boy! What a cutie, thanks for sharing :)

Candice said...

Adorable!! I giggled so hard over that last one!
It's funny; not long before I found your blog, my partner and I decided that we really like the name Hudson for a future, potential, baby boy (is it weird that we discuss baby names so prematurely?)
I hope our maybe, one day, Hudson will be just as cute!

Anna (A Newfound Treasure) said...

Too cute. Love his name :) I have a 3-year-old named Hudson.


Mrs. Biscuit said...

Hudson is amazing! I laughed out loud at the chocolate truffle comment... That is seriously what goes through my head when I find unexpected treats!

So precious! Hudson is really a charmer! I LOVED reading this post!!!

<3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

Cat said...

Awwwh these quotes made me smile so much. <3 xx

jillian m. said...

HILARIOUS! Love it. He's such a smart little guy.

Cindy P said...

Haha! Those are awesome! They are such great little gems. I'm glad you record them because it will definitely be something special to look back on later when he's older.

Shalyn said...

Bandages and falcons- too sweet. Dont you wish you had a video camer on 24/7? He is getting sooo big!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh Hudson, he's getting to be a man of many words!!! and each one brings about more smiles, what a card he is!!! the cheers salute was awesome, such a gentleman too.

okay, this might not be PG rated but the other week i was out with a couple gf's who have little kiddos and they would go back and forth telling stories about these types of "how did they ever know to say that?!" kinda thing. Kate's son Finn won the who said it better battle when she told us about a time she, her hubs and Finn were driving home. Kate asked what he'd like for dinner. Finn sat there thinking....Kate said "hot dog?" NOPE.... "pancakes?" NOPE....then Finn says "delicious pussy!" OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG both of them turned around mid road rage and shrieked "WHAT?"

he said it again, with total clarity. Kate fumbled to think what he could possibly mean, then she realized Finn can't pronounce his "F"'s and what he meant was delicious "freezy" cos the night before he'd had his 1st freezy pop. the girls and i howled, kids really do come out with some kinda 1 liners that cause all sorts of hilarity.

note to Ash: keep Hudson away from any frozen icy pops or else one day out in public some on-lookers might get the surprise of their lives ; )

oh and Ashley, my friend, the comments from yesterday kept coming in and when i read each one my heart swelled a bit more. thank you for all the kindness, you friggin' ROCK! xoox ♥

Amber Blue Bird said...

didnt you know gum wrappers are the new band aids :)

Amylou said...

Wow! He says the most "grown up" words! I especially like the "Well, Hello There!" when he saw the dessert! Has he heard you guys say this when you see deserts? What a cutie!

Laura Elizabeth said...

ADORABLE!! Hudson is so lucky that he has a mum that records all these things. My mum's always saying "You used to say the cutest/funniest things"... but she can never remember them!

Faith said...

wow, he is so smart! saying "Cheers" & "Welllll, hello there!" i would be entertained too!

you have such a cutie on your hands!

Candice said...

I'm not sure if you do them, but I nominated you for an award on my blog. I haven't been a reader for long but I am loving yours!