Creatures of the Night.

Ghostly Greetings from
a Scarecrow, a Spider, and a Spider Web!

We are wishing you a
BOO-TIFUL Halloween Night.

Now....creep on over to my sweet friend Gentri's blog to see my past lineup of
kooky costumes!


Along Came a Spider

Happy Happy Halloween Everyone!!
xo Bugs & Hisses xo


Oh, Great Pumpkin, where are you?

I have seriously been looking forward to our visit to the Pumpkin Patch for months. I think it's safe to say that Hudson has, too. This year's visit to McGee Farms was much different than last year....our little guy had so much fun!

--he loved "milking the cow" and asked to go back again and again.
--he wasn't so sure of the big pile of hay in the barn, but once he saw Daddy jumping around, he joined in on the fun. (He only got in a little bit of trouble when he threw huge handfuls of hay at another little boy.)
--he was so brave feeding the huge billy goat, and all the little baby goats. He thought those animals were really funny.
--the "wagonride" to the pumpkin patch was a really big deal for him. He loved sitting in the hay and bumping along down the dirt path.
--even though the pumpkin crop was less than extraordinary, Hudson was ecstatic. "Punkins!!!!"
--after I picked up a pretty orange pumpkin with a curly stem from the field, Hudson realized he could choose a pumpkin to take home, too. And out of all the pretty pumpkins out there, he chose a little green one. "Green Punkin!"
--we bumped back through the fields on the back of the tractor, and he would point at each pumpkin: "Mama's punkin. Daddy's punkin. Baby's Punkin."
 --he  was dying to feed the chickens. As he sprinkled corn through the fence, he would say "here, chickens!" 

This trip to the Pumpkin Patch was perfect....and just another reason I love Autumn so very much.

p.s. look how little Hudson was at the pumpkin patch last year....aww! 


Pickin' & Grinnin'

Date Night consisted of a magnificent dinner of tasty chicken marsala and pork-stuffed tortellini at Sweet Magnolia, followed by a good old fashioned pickin' party.

I didn't have many expectations as I entered into the theatre to hear a concert by a bluegrass superstar.
I really just wanted to hear that banjo song from Deliverance. 
You know the one.....deuling banjos

Well, it didn't happen.

I did hear a whole lot of music from Grammy-award winning artist, Ricky Skaggs and his band Kentucky Thunder. And although bluegrass isn't really my thing, it proved to be a pretty awesome show that had me toe-tapping along with the packed crowd by the end of the night. 

I also heard a lot of down-home Kentucky quips that Mr. Skaggs shared as he sang on stage, like:
"I'm busy! I'm busier than a one-eyed cat watching two rat-holes!"
"I'm in a hurry! I've got to get to the train station and help my one-armed brother with two suitcases!"

You know those are funny.
I plan to use them as often as possible.