Scenes from this Week

  1. I got new glasses....I'm now a certifiable nerd. Or a partial hipster. Hmmmmm.
  2. Hudson loves to play with this fake dog when we visit his Great Grandma's house.
  3. Hudson picked out one of my hats to wear. It was just a little bit too big. 
  4. I was trying to take a picture of Will, and Hudson kept creeping into the shot, saying "Cheese!"
  5. Early morning Choo-Choo train action.
  6. Sweet nighttime Hudson.
  7. Dinner @ Five Guys
  8. Cheeseburger and fries.
  9. It's really hot.
  10. Shopping for my favorite little guy.
  11. Lunch at the Palace with Hudson.
  12. Hudson LOVES pickles.
  13. I love old-fashioned Egg & Olive Sandwiches.
  14. Roly-Poly Baby.
  15. Dinner @ Cracker Barrell.
  16. I like the back of this shirt. 
  17. Our power went out for the 2nd time in one week. In 100 degree weather.
  18. Hudson loves bathtime.
  19. Poor, sick baby. Doctor says he has a virus.
  20. FLASHBACK! Peace, baby. Little Hudson at 5 months old. 


Jeannie said...

Sweet Hudson at 5 months, where did the time go.
Hmmmmmm, Hudson likes pickles. Now who did he get that from???? Looks like you had a busy week. I also like the back of that shirt.

Courtney B said...

Was Hudson really that little?! Crazy how much they grow in such a short amount of time :)
Oh crappy power!! I will have a pool in my back yard someday because I definitely plan on living somewhere HOT! And if the power goes out, I'll just go live in my pool :) haha!
And I LOVE your glasses!

Laura Elizabeth said...

Oh, I love all these photos! I wish I had a cute little subject to photograph :) Dogs just aren't as good! I love power cuts... just not in stupidly hot weather.

Anonymous said...

Oh Hudson you are just too cute for words! (sorry he's sick, poor baby. Mine threw up after nap today.. the WORST!)

Meri said...

hahahaha- I love the flashback! This is a fun post Ashley!

Mrs. Biscuit said...

Hudson is looking SO big and grown up! Oh my goodness!

Hollie Ann said...

Cute pictures! I am dying to try 5 guys!

Ana MF said...

All of them are super adorable, but how cute is Hudson with his little button-up shirt??? :)

Kaitlyn said...

Thank you for the sweet words on my blog! I appreciate it a lot!

Adorable pictures!!! Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to reading your blog more! <3

JRuud said...

Wonderful post!! Ahh, every time I think your blog can't get any better...it does!! Love the pictures and mmm Five Guys :)

Faith said...

Hudson is just so darn adorable! Cutest little face!

I'm digging those glasses! They look fabulous on you!

A Cheesy Man with a side kick said...

Looks like you had a busy fun last week.
1.) Well you are one cute little nerd. You did not need the glasses though to be a nerd. Like the new glasses.
2.) What a cute picture of the little guy.
3.) Little Man is proud of dada's Lighting Showroom so he sports the hat.
4.) This was a fun picture. Hudson just wanted his mom to know he does like to take pictures with his dad. CHEESE
5.) Like this picture. I have seen him do this a few times.
6.) Little man ready to brush his teeth.
7.) Fun dinner out for our little family.
8.) My Burger was good. Did you like yours? Did I see you eat that grilled cheese Hudson dropped on the floor?
9.) Yes it was hot. I remember thanking I hope they bring me a milkshake.
10.) I like the clothes you got Hudson.
11.) Wheres my Shake?
12.) I like me some pickles to. Can't believe he ate 2 though.
13.) Looks good.
14.) Is he biting his toenails like you used to do? HAHA
15.) Now thats some good cookin'
16.) I like your backside to. I mean I like the back of that shirt to.
17.) Did you not pay the power bill again?
18.) Who would not love bathtime with every toy in the house in the tub with you.
19.) Poor little guy.
20.) Man where has time gone? 5 months and this Friday our main man will be 2. These have been the best 2 years ever and each day just keeps getting better and better.


Shalyn said...

He is getting so big! I love your description for number 9- so funny! And I still have to eat at Five Guys. I hear the fries are enormous!

mapleandvine said...

loving those glasses girl rock it! hudson is so adorable :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

woah. so much stuff in the tub! He must love bath time!! That's so cute. I love all of these shots. So nice.

sherri lynn said...

Great pictures! Hudson is so cute!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

You and your family are always so adorable :) Looks like a fun weekend!

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

#2 is so darn cute!!!!! Hope u have a wonderful week!


Janette said...

I'm so happy that this is the second time I've seen all these pictures and that I already know the story behind them.. Thanks Instagram!

Janette, the Jongleur

Mimi said...

I LOVE 5 guys, you look cute in glasses, and poor Hudson, I hope he gets well soon:) xoxo
Aesthetic Lounge

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh all of the pictures are adorable and you look great wearing your new glasses!! Hudson is always so photogenic and has the cutest expressions!!

Kris said...

Awe I love your blog! So adorable, such a beautiful family! Now following :)


Sara Louise said...

Love your new glasses :-)
And that burger looks AWESOME!

Alessandra said...

What great shots. I love love love your glasses and also the back of your shirt!

JelenaDoll ~ said...

hahaha Hudson is officially the coolest baby i know! He loves pickles and so do i. The cutest photos! :)

Jelenadoll <3

Ashley said...

I love your new glasses! I wish I could pull off frames like that. Love them.

Your 5 Guys picture just made me really want a good, juicy cheeseburger. Yum! (:

Ocean Dreams said...

You look gorgeous in your new glasses - so cute! Your little guy is just precious and looks like you two are having tons of adventures.

Love your blog - new reader! :)

Bad Joan said...

Love this post! It is so clever and so fun! Looks like a fantastic week and you're glasses look great on you - nice pick!

Haley K said...

LOVE the new specs :)
love your cute boy sporting your cute hat
love that you went to 5 Guys. YUM
love that your hudson loves pickles. me too!
love the back of your shirt too!
love hudson in the tub :)
don't love that he is feeling sick :(
Hope he is feeling better or feels better soon!

PS - 5-month old Hudson...oh goodness...i could eat him up :)

Cara-Mia said...

Love this peek into your week. And what a cute flashback!!

misc.alaina said...

Love these shots! Super cute glasses and such a precious baby Hudson photo! Hope he is feeling better now!!

Ashley Slater said...

are these from in iphone? they kind of remind me of what I have been seeing on instagram lately. I love how you recapped your week!!

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

you're a TOTAL hipster.
you rock the new frames :)

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Love the back of that shirt too! And a 5 Guys just opened up down the street from us - I want to try it out!

Classy Career Girl said...

Love the new glasses! Super cute on you! :)

Haley K said...

hey beautiful miss ashley :) i hope you guys are okay! missing you here in blog world...if you're like me you're not posting so much cause you're soaking up warm weather with your little man :) but i really hope it's not cause Hudson is still sick :( if so, I hope he gets well soon!! hugs to you!

Virginie Lavallée Bélanger said...

Looks like a great week for sure!

The glasses look awesome laday and the flashback had me laughing out loud! Vintage Hudson :)

Virginie ♥