A Letter to my Two Year Old.

Dear Hudson,

You are two years old.

August 12th, 2009 feels like yesterday, but also, like a lifetime ago. Since you arrived, so much has changed in such a wonderful way. I can hardly remember the young woman I was before I was your mother. I like me so much better now....and it's all because of you, and all the happiness you have brought into my life.

I have so much to say, and no idea of where to begin...so I thought I'd just start by sharing a few of the amazing aspects of you, at two:

Your signature phrases:
--"mmmmhmmm, awright." (yes, that's right)
--"oh boy oh boy oh boy!" or "oooooh, WOW!" (when you are excited)
--"bubbles, please?" "more, please?" "milk, please?"(what sweet manners you have.)
--"keycue!" "welcome!" (you always say thank you, and have recently started saying you're welcome.)
--"you okay, mama?" (you are very concerned...if I sit in the floor, or if I trip, or anytime anything is a little out of sorts. sweet boy.)
--"help-y!" (help me!)
--"a kiss?" (you love hugs and kisses from mama.)
--"Dada turn!" (It's Dada's turn.)
--"I gotchu Mama." (When I hold him. This is one of my very favorites.)
--"offway..." (this way...)
--"right dare, behind you!" (when you are trying to show me something)
--"aujooo!" (Bonjour!)
--"nite-nite! Love-ooooooo." (at bedtime)
--"hold us." "jump-up!" (when he wants us to carry him)
--"good job, Mama!" "good job, Dada!" "good job, Baby!' (he always offers praise when any of us do a good job at something.)
--"oh! cute!" (when something is cute)

Favorite Movies & TV shows:
+Alvin & the Chipmunks the Squeakwel
+Stuart Little 2 (which he calls "mouse")
+Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ("chee chee bang bang")
+The Jungle Book
+Follow that Bird ("bee bird")
+Max & Ruby ("MAX. roooooby")
+Dino Dan ("DeeDan")
+Yo Gabba Gabba ("babba")
+Peppa Pig ("pepppppppa pig! snort snort")
+Olivia ("eeevya")
+Team Umizoomi ("ooey-zooey")
+Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ("meeee-mouse")

Your favorite songs to sing:
+All aboard the Choo-Choo Train!
+Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
+Itsy Bitsy Spider
+Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes
+The Wheels on the Bus
+Rain Rain Go Away
+Adele's Rolling in the Deep
+anything by Bruno Mars
+You and I by Ingrid Michaelson
+Hey Soul Sister by Train

Favorite Books:
+A Cuddle for Little Duck
+Perfect Piggies
+I am a Bunny
+Goodnight Moon
+Curious George at the Zoo
+Any book about Clifford

You can count to 10. You can count backwards from 5. You can count to 6 in Spanish. You can spell your name. You can sing your ABC's. You can say "Je m'appelle Hudson." ("My name is Hudson" in French.)

You love to play "trains" & "tracks" and "cool cars". You love animals, and can identify most any of them and make their sound. You play a lot with your "barn" and "rocket", which is actually the barn's silo. You love taking a bath with "bubbles" and "toys". You have asked to sit on the "potty" many times, but have yet to actually use it.  You snuggle a lot with your "bay-ah's" (bears) and "onk-eee's" (monkeys). You sleep with your "Blumpy" (blanket) and a couple of trains every night. You love to look through books, and you like for us to read to you. You like yelling for our dogs at the door..."Lulu! Kota!" You enjoy puzzles and playing outside. You love playing ball, and doing guy stuff with Daddy. You love talking about all of your family members and their pets.

To sum it up: you are nothing short of amazing. You surprise us each day. You are beautiful and kind and smart and loving and you are a joy of a little boy.

Thank you for the best twenty-four months of our life, so far. Your dad and I love you so very much...in fact, our days are filled with more love than we know what to do with....and that is a wonderful feeling.

Hugs & Kisses,


Marisa Noelle said...

Oh my goodness...so beautiful, seriously made me tear up (that is the mother in me). My son is 18 months and is indeed one of the greatest joys in life. Hudson seems like such a precious little boy.

Janette said...

HELP-Y!??????? AHHHHHHHHH!! What a cutie! These letters make me happy!!!! Why can't I have a little cutie of my own???????!!! :-\

Janette, the Jongleur

Jeannie said...

What a beautiful picture of Hudson. He has brought us so much joy these past two years. It is amazing how he is changing and learning new things every day. I hope he always stays the sweet and kind person he is. He is fortunate to have parents like you and Will.

Megan and Justin said...

this is adorable. i can't wait to be a mom:)

Victoria said...

Awwww how cute is that!?! :))

Mariel Torres said...

he is my favorite little boy... oh how sweet baby hudson is! you are one blessed mama :)

Alaythea said...

So do you speak French? I really want Gianna to start learning a second language and I've always loved French and took a little in high school. But I'm not sure what program to use....any ideas for me? And don't you love how little toddlers talk?!! So cute! Gianna used to call our cat, Gandalf "Gee-fahf". I still call him that occasionally just for fun!

Courtney B said...

"I like me so much better now....and it's all because of you, and all the happiness you have brought into my life."
Oh my gosh I love that so so much!! I can't wait to experience the change a baby will bring to me :)
Love you and sweet little Hudson! (In a totally non creepy way... promise!)

Proud Father of a Smart 2 Year Old said...

Hudson you are one awesome little dude. It does seem like yesterday when I was walking back and forth between you and your mom in the hospital. I would come into your room and just look at you in amazement. I would lean over you and whisper all the fun things I wanted us to do together as a family. We have done allot of it but there is still so much I want to do together. I must thank your mom and my Swoopie for being such a great mother. She does such a great job at teaching you so many new a different things. Like she said, You have brought so much joy and happiness into our life. One other thing you do each Sunday as we are getting ready to go to church. You will look at us and say babies, friends. You like to go to church and see your friends.

I love you Hudson and I am looking forward to our many adventures together.


Raven said...

I LOVE this!!! reminds me so much of when my babe turned two, and now when my 1 year old will be there soon.

Love his words, and Gunner too could count in spanish, however I better get on the "my name is" in french if he is gonna keep up with the Mister H.

Once again, TOO CUTE. LOVE his curls.

Sounds like proud father of a smart 2 year old is pretty, well.....proud :)
and I LOVE how he is talking to you aka swoopie and telling H what a good mom you are. That is one thing Rob always says to me also :)

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy :)

p.s. Violet and Hudson are two weeks apart! Violet was born August 28th

Haley K said...

days filled with so much love for and from your little two year old that your not sure what to do with it all...those are my kind of days :)

what a tender, exciting, love-filled letter :) Goodness he is growing up and becoming a little man more every day!! 2 YEARS OLD! I loooooooooooove the words and phrases of Hudson's that you shared :) And he's tri-lingual!! how adorable and awesome is that :) If I may make a request, you should get some video footage of him singing along to those darling nursery rhymes! oh and speaking french...if I heard him say "Je m'appelle Hudson" I just may die :)

Ashley said...

He sounds so so smart! What a cutie!

Chelsea Lane said...

HAHA "offway" and "right dare, behind you!" are the best! this makes me think of my little brothers growing up ;)


Cara-Mia said...

So so so sweet! I love reading his cute phrases. :)

Ana said...

How sweet! I love reading letters like this! So special. I hope someday I'll have a sweet kid like Hudson to write letters to. :)

Happy birthday, Hudson! :)

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...


Laura Elizabeth said...

So cute! I love that he has his manners!

Cindy P said...

I love these posts each month. Golly he's grown and changed so much since I first started coming here. It's amazing how fast little kids grow up!!

Britt said...

Awww I love letters like this! He sure is a smart little two year old and GORGEOUS too! I think my Lidia would love to meet him :) wink wink

Sarah said...

i love this! it's so sweet, and aww-worthy! i'm sure he'll be so happy to know that he's got something like this to read about when he's much older. you make an incredible mom, ashley! and so is your husband, an amazing father. loved his little addition to your letter. much blessings! x

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

so precious! i love that you've taken the time to write this : ) and his brown eyes in that photo are so gorgeous!

JRuud said...

Aw this made me get tears in my eyes. Beautiful.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

man, I don't write down any of these types of things with my kids. Makes me feel a little guilty. You are so adorable with how you journalize and scrutinize all Hudson does. It's really precious!

Meri said...

Aw this is so sweet, for him to read one day! I love "keycue"I can just hear it!
and I love that curious george at the zoo book :)

Stephanie said...

Hudson sounds like the sweetest little boy in the world! What an adorable photo, too :)

Stephanie (Big Mario Life)

Alessandra said...

Aw, so touching! Happy birthday little Hudson!

Kaysie said...

what a sweet idea!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Aww. *tear* He's one lucky little boy to have a mommy like you! Love that he says "oh boy oh boy oh boy!" Too cute!

Aphrodite said...

My god...this is probably the best thing i've read in ages!!! You make me wanna have a baby!!!!!!!!


Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

This post really moved me... you are such a wonderful mother and person!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

Ashley, the love you have for your son is heartwarming and resonates with everything you do or touch. this letter to Hudson is very special, i'm sure it will be an added treasure to all the many love notes he'll have from you and something he'll get tremendous joy from later on.

Happy birthday little man!!!!!

"a kiss?" is the BEST! ♥

Faith said...

i love this letter, makes me smile and warm inside ... how lucky he is to have these letters ... he surely will love to read then when he gets older ... and he can spell his name @ 2!?! wow, he is so smart!