Bonjour Beach: Guest Post by Mrs. Biscuit

Hey! Do you want to go to the beach? How about a beach... in France?
Me too!!
Ashley and I both agree that beach trips are simply the best! Being a beach lover, I jumped at the chance to guest post on Hudson's Happenings about my favorite beach trip! But...before I tell you all about the summer I spent at the absolute sweetest little beach town, I should probably introduce myself...

Hi there, I'm Mrs. Biscuit, or you can feel free just to call me Biscuit!
I blog over at MuffinLovesBiscuit where I ramble about my life, my husband, our three feline friends and the random adventures we go on. My husband, Mr. Muffin, and I reside in Arizona, where we're deseperately attempting to enjoy the summer heat. To be perfectly honest, it's not going so well now that summer has officially hit us which is part of the reason I was so keen to chat about the beach!

You see, we're originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, which has the opposite climate-- it's cold there all year round! After years and years I finally got tired of being cold, damp, and miserable during the summer, wearing parkas during the winter. We were only occasionally about to enjoying the beach because it is always way too cold--so we moved to the hottest place we could think of! It's definitely been an adventure! Arizona is wonderfully warm for 9 months of the year, then during the summer, for a couple months it is BRUTALLY hot. Since, it is summer, Arizona has been over 100˚ here for weeks, and a trip to any beach, anywhere but here sounds absolutely delightful right now!

However, in Northern California the beaches are consistently a gigantic disappointment. Imagine driving to the beach... you've got everything you need, your swimsuit in bunching in uncomfortable places but you don't mind because soon you'll be frolicking in the nice cool water. Think again. You get to the beach only to be immediately covered in goosebumps. The wind is exfoliating your face with rough chunks of sand and the waves are lashing violently against the shore. Signs warn you to swim at your own risk. Not so much fun, right?

That's what vacations are for! Two years ago, when I was working as a nanny I was able to spend the summer (sans Mr. Muffin, unfortunately) at the most adorable, perfect, warm and sunny beach town.... in FRANCE!
cap ferret france beach vacation
Cap Ferret is known for it's little lighthouse, super fancy resorts, hundreds of oyster beds and it's proximity to a slightly larger, most touristy and busy town called Arcachon.
cap ferret france beach vacation
While Arcachon was fun to visit, Cap Ferret is definitely much better for a relaxing vacation. The sand is soft between your toes, tiny crabs and shells are bountiful, the tourists don't speak much English (read- less enunciating and shouting in English at the locals) and the food was absolutely superb. I probably gained 5 pounds just from eating pastries for breakfast!
cap ferret france beach vacation
I have to say I'm partial to the shells. If I could spend all day scouring the sand looking for the cutest shells and sea creatures I probably would. It's an obsession I think I acquired from my super artsy mom, who would not only collect the shells, but also find projects for us to do with them. She's rad like that!
cap ferret france beach vacation
cap ferret france beach vacation
Now you see that bar up there. It's only one of about 20. The beach that faces Arcachon is lined with restaurants and bars, all serving the freshest seafood you've ever eaten. Seriously, the fish is caught and cooked all in the same day, but would you really expect anything less when the beach is less than a foot from your table?
cap ferret france beach vacation
cap ferret france beach vacation
cap ferret france beach vacation
cap ferret france beach vacation
cap ferret france beach vacation
cap ferret france beach vacation

We really should talk about the beaches now shouldn't we... It is a beach town, and while collecting shells and eating seafood is fun, people travel to beaches to get tans, swim in exotic waters and get sand stuck under their swimsuits, no? Well, the sand and the beaches in Cap Ferret were phenomenal. Other than the occasional topless French woman I'd say they were perfect... Except of course for the first day I remembered to bring my camera.
cap ferret france beach vacation
We settled near the water, unpacked towels, plastic shovels, toys and snacks... The waves were strong, but after just a few minutes they began to crash harder, then harder still. The sky darkened ominously and the waves moved up the shore. But don't fret, I still managed to swim every other day, I splashed in the waves, lost my favorite sunglasses, brushed up on my French and got an impressive tan!  
cap ferret france beach vacation
cap ferret france beach vacation
Mr. Muffin and I definitely want to travel to France, and another trip to Cap Ferret is definitely in our future. I mean seriously, chocolate croissants and a beautiful beach!? What more could a girl want?

Love Always,


Connie said...

Biscuit I'm so jealous! That must've been so great! It's my dream to go to France! (:

Meri said...

What a charming beach town! Right now its summer so I am enjoying the weather and lake beaches around here in MN- but come winter I dreeeaaaam of the beach like this. I'm glad to be introduced to you, biscuit! Great guest post!

Janette said...

GREATTT post Mrs. Bisquit! Dude!!! That beach looks fantastic!!!
I didn't get to go to a French beach while in Europe..but I did get to go to some on the Italian Riviera..they look a little similar...Great pictures and post btw!

Janette, the Jongleur

Sara Louise said...

Yep, south of France beaches can't be beat! xo

Jeannie said...

What a great post! It looks like the beaches in France are very interesting. I love that your mother had you do projects with items found on the beach. Good pictures.

Mrs. Biscuit said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments ladies! I had a blast writing this post and was so glad to be able to help Ashley out with a guest post!

I can't wait to hear all about her vacation when she gets back! =)

<3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

A French Beach Bum some day said...

Well Mrs. Biscuit, You got a dude chiming in. This Beach looks great and maybe one day I can get Ashley, Hudson, and myself over that way. Great post and now I want to go.

Thanks for helping Ashley out with a guest post!!!

Haley K said...

oh european beaches...the thought of them is beyond romantic :) France would be amazing to visit! And i'm a shell collector too...must be the inner kid in me :)