last one in the pool is a rotten egg.

Whether it's in the ocean, the river, or the pool....not much beats a dip in the cool water on a hot day. 

Will and I are both lifelong H2O admirers.

As a kid, I was the first one in the pool and the last one out. In college, my summers revolved around my apartment complex's swimming pool. Will and I felt the first flutters of love while boating on the flowing waters of the Tennessee River. 

I don't mind getting my hair wet. I don't care if my fingers shrivel.

I love swimming. 

And little Hudson is loving it, too. He has recently started to "jump" into the pool. He walks to the edge, counts to three, and jumps into our waiting arms. Then, he quickly scrambles up the steps, while saying: "Again?" 

Jump & repeat. Jump & repeat. 

Looks like we might have a little fish on our hands.
(good thing his swimming lessons start next week.)


It's Friday, Friday....

If you're looking for me, I'm over at my friend Melissa's blog, Write it in Lipstick. Visit me there if you want to see how I style one of my favorite wardrobe basics three different ways! 

hint hint
I'm wearing it in these pictures. All edgy, like. 

p.s. Do you have Instagram? It's totally the best app, ever, mmmmmkay? Trust me. 
& if you don't believe me....look: she loves it, too. 

Here's the scoop:
Now let's get connected, fellow iPhone users.

Happy Friday!


Courtin' the Blues.

{LISTEN: St. Louis Blues by W.C. Handy}

Every year, this week in July holds the record as the BEST week of the summer. It's the Handy Festival....7 days and nights of live music at hundreds of venues around town, celebrating our hometown celebrity, W.C. Handy, the father of the blues.

During the festival, you can wake up and enjoy free blues in the park, meet friends for lunch and hear the sounds of cool jazz, stroll through the streets and run into a million people you know, and dance the night away downtown.  

Music + Food + Friends + Summertime
(& did I mention we got free Icees?)

Doesn't that sound fun?


The Civil Wars

{LISTEN: 20 Years by The Civil Wars}

We saw The Civil Wars last night. It was a sold-out show at our local Shoals Theatre. And it was perfection. 

Joy Williams & John Paul White have the most hauntingly wonderful harmonies, and each song they sang was rich with love and feeling. This was a hometown set for John Paul, and the playful banter between he and Joy was funny and comforting...as though all 700 of us were sitting in a living room, listening to a couple of friends play. 

These two are definitely the best of what's next. 

p.s. Remember that time I met John Paul downtown?

{tour poster via}