Scratch my back with a lightning bolt

{LISTEN: Barefoot Children in the Rain by Jimmy Buffett}

Scratch my back with a lighting bolt 
Thunder rolls like a bass drum note
The sound of the weather is Heaven's ragtime band.
We all fell down from the Milky Way
Hanging around here until Judgement Day
Heaven knows who's in command
                                                                                                                      {God is good.}
Barefoot children in the rain
Got no need to explain
Keep your raft from the riverboat
Fiction over fact always has my vote
And wrinkles only go where the smiles have been
It rained today. Soft, summery drops of shimmery rain. It cooled us off, and brought out that wonderfully fresh summertime smell. And we smiled. A lot. 
We love rainy days. Yes, we do. 


Anonymous said...

oh god this photos are amazingly beautiful, the kid is so cute, i love them , the tones, the way they were taken <3


Diana Smith said...

What a fun day!! Rainy days can be a lot of fun if you don't care about getting wet!

Mariel Torres said...

oh my, all these pictures are absolutely precious! rainy days are so whimsically beautiful

Gentri said...

You look gorgeous as always!! :) love your outfit!

Chelsea Lane said...

your dress is way cute. I love summer rain. your photos make me happy. the end.


Ashley Eliza said...

the first and the second to last pictures needs to be in a magazine!! <3 they are so darling. and so is your dress girl. you captured these so beautifully.


Alessandra said...

This post....so lovely!

Cindy P said...

That's how yesterday was for us! It rained just a little bit but it cooled us down and made it such a lovely day yesterday!

Also, I love your dress! So cute!

Jeannie said...

Beautiful place for pictures. They are all soooo goood. That first one is my favorite one of the little guy. His outfit is adorable. Love it.

A Rain Dancer said...

GREAT PICTURES Swoop! A little water never hurt nobody. This was a perfect Sunday. I love great laid back Sunday strolls through downtown. Everything feel right into place. Oh can you believe you found those awesome sunglasses! haha


Meredith said...

So cute :)

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

Love these photos!

alexandra grecco said...

so so incredibly adorable!


Victoria said...

Lovely lovely pictures !! :)

Clara said...

What beauiful pictures! The fountain reminds me of the movie "The Secret Garden."

Haley K said...

absolutely stunning photos...breath taking really! :) What a beautiful afternoon you captured!!! You have such a beautiful family Ashley :)

And I love how your little captions were the lyrics to that great song :) Too darling!

*cheers* to loving rain! it's been happening a lot here in Utah and I'm soaking up every drop :)

Jessica said...

New to your blog! You have the cutest little family!!! Love your post and pictures! look forward to reading more :)

Jennifer said...

These are beautiful! Your family is just precious!

Eva Marie said...

Love as always :)

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Love that your dress has pockets! Also, totally love that shot just above the "heaven knows who's in command" line!

Shalyn said...

Love this post, Ashley! Everything about it is just perfect!

Classy Career Girl said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the fountain in the background and the look after a rainy day:)