Newsletter from Mama: Month 21

Dearest little Hudson,

May was your 21st month and, oh, was it lovely. You are doing and saying so many cute things these days....I try so very hard to remember every little memory. Your personality shines so brightly to all who come in contact with you. You are so cheerful and happy much of the time; it's hard not to smile when you are around.

The weather has been so warm and beautiful this past month, and you absolutely love enjoying the great outdoors. You have become quite fond of playing with the water hose (just like your Daddy did as a little guy!) and you know exactly how to turn it on when you are ready for a squirt of cool water on your hands. You still love wagon rides in the cool of the evening, and when I fly past you on my pink bicycle, ringing my bell, you smile so big and say "Mama!". You get so happy when your dogs, Lulu and Kota, give you lots of attention. This weekend, we caught you propped against Kota as she laid on her side. When we asked you if you were loving Kota, you got so excited and turned to her and smiled, then gave us a huge giggle.

You talk and sing all of the time. When we are out and about, you are always singing E-I-E-I-Oooooo. If not that, you've started to sing your ABC's...although it sounds a bit like this ABC...FG....JK...OPpppp...S!....UVvvvv.....andZ! It's awfully cute. You also sing the last word of each line of your favorite tv show theme songs. It's always surprising to hear you chime in when the Fresh Beat Band or DJ Lance Rock sing. And perhaps the cutest thing of all, you LOVE "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars. You sing along whenever you hear it, and even shake your head "no" when he says the words: "Today I don't feel like doing anything." I can't wait to get it on video, because it really is the sweetest thing.

Once again, your vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds! Your favorite words right now are no and help. Whenever we ask you something, and you aren't too sure about it, or simply don't want to do whatever we are asking, you calmly reply "no" in a very sweet voice:  "Hudson, are you ready to go to bed?" "no" "Do you want to eat?" "no".  You are quite the opinionated little guy. We aren't really sure how or why you learned the word "help" and the correct context in which to use the word, but you know exactly when to say it. When you are in your carseat and we get out of the car (in order to unbuckle you) you say "HELP!" (which sounds a bit like "heyalp") as loud as you can, and repetitively for the few seconds it takes us to get the back car door open. When you are walking down steps and need a little assistance, you say "Help! Help!" You always seem to know the perfect situation in which to call for help. You still repeat any word or short phrase that we ask you to say. I took you to the doctor for a sinus infection and as we patiently waited for her to come in the room, you sat in my lap and watched all the little computerized fish and sea creatures swim across the computer screen. You saw "doldins" (dolphins), "ish" (fish), "sharks", "diver", "worm" and lots more. When the doctor came in, she asked you what you saw on her computer screen, and you said "octopus!". Here are some more cute things you do:

-When asked what does a pirate say? You say "aaaarrgh!" and bend your little arm. You like "pipates."
-When asked what an elephant does? You hold you hand at your nose, and flay your fingers out like a trunk and say "woooooo".
-When asked what a lion says? You put you hands up like claws and say "rarrrr"
-You neigh for a horse, meow for a cat, woof for a dog, "eee-eee-eee" for a monkey
-You remember some specific phrases from your favorite books, so when I spot you "reading" them on you own, you will say what you remember.
-You have grown very interested in "haaaat!" (hats).  Whenever you find one around the house, you put it on and run around in it. The other day, you found your winter crocheted monkey hat, and ran through the house wearing just your hat and diaper. Your daddy surprised you with your very first little Alabama hat, and you've been happily wearing it everywhere.
-You watch for the "mellman" (mailman) every morning. You love when the "big truck" (garbage truck) comes by, and last week as you stood very still and waved at the truck from the front yard, the friendly garbage man tooted his loud horn for you. It startled you just a bit, but made you happy, too.
-You like to show off your muscles, by flexing your arms and saying "grrrrr". What a strong boy you are!
-You pose and say "cheese" when I take you picture.
-You are a good helper! You love to "awaaay" (throw away trash) and you even like to wipe up messes on the table.
-You talk a lot about your grandparents and extended family members.
-You love to go for a "wide!" (ride) and "shide! (outside). You like to go to "Tocket" (Target) and look around.
-You love anything to do with water, which you pronounce as "waka-wak". Your favorite time is "baaaaath!" time.

Another month rolls by, and as always, you continue to amaze me and bring me so much joy. I have so much fun with you every day...I'm one lucky Mama to have you as a son. I love you with every inch of my heart.

Hugs and Kisses,


Pink Sun Drops said...

He really is so very precious - and talking SO well!! This is so special to write all these things down for him.

Mariel Torres said...

What a beautiful idea to write such precious letters for your handsome little boy to read one day... I'm sure he already knows what a stellar mom he has ;)

Gentri said...

He is just the cutest! :D Seriously. But how could he be anything less than that with a mom like you! I'm having an awesome giveaway on my blog and would absolutely LOVE it if you entered!!!

Alaythea said...

Love his Bama hat!!! Starting that boy off right!

Cindy P said...

So so sweet! I love his new Bama hat! That's too cute! and I love all the new words and phrases he is learning. It's fun watching him grow up through your blog!

Papa Bear said...

Hudson, I can't begin to tell you how proud of you I am. You have so much personality. Each month is getting better and better. Your mom does such a great job at recording all your milestones. I had noticed you getting my hats down to wear each morning, so I decided to get your very first cap. So what better to start you off with a Bama cap. Which you do say Roll Tide and Touchdown. You are doing so many great things. Like mom said you love to be outside. So when I get home from work I do my best to get changed so we can go out and get into some dirt. Then when it is time to unwind I will sit in the hammock chair and you will watch the goodnight show on sprout on the comfort of our back deck. I LOVE YOU and can't wait to see what all else we are going to get into.


Eva Marie said...

Oh what a beautiful baby boy! I love his little baby talk words.. those are things that will forever be dear to my heart.
His Bama hat rocks (my good girlfriend lives in Bama so if you ever see Liv sporting Bama stuff its from her hehe ..)

Hannah Avery said...

Aww...he is so adorable! Sounds like he is doing the cutest things!


Jeannie said...

Hudson, you're the cutest little guy we have had the privilege of loving!!! You are such a joy to be around. That personality is getting bigger everyday and so is that smile. I love your Bama hat. Stay sweet. We love you bunches.
Granddad and Gennie

Courtney B said...

Oh I love this! You're the cutest mama ever!
I love Hudson's little tan lines :) He's such a cutie!!

Diana Smith said...

His hat kills me! What a stud Hudson is!

Kai.Mercado. said...

I seriously love the letters. When I have a baby, I want to take time to document his or her life like this!!! I love your blog oh so much!!

p.s. you are my blog of the week this week :)

Cole said...

As if I needed a reason to love your little guy more! He is so flipping adorable!!!!!
And I'm not gonna mention the adorable romper...oops, I just did :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

awww he says adorable things!! I like your son. Now to have him play with my sons and be friends!!!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Dont you just love how they try to sing their ABC's at they miss so many letters hahaha. So precious .

misc.alaina said...

You must keep a list each day to remember all of these little moments. Such a beautiful way to document everything for him! Hudson is getting more and more handsome all the time!!

Meredith said...

I hope his sinus infection has gone away by now!
And that is sooo cute, I love "The Lazy Song" too :) Looks like we have similar taste.
Congrats for another month, you little heart throb.
Have a great day :)

Ashley Slater said...

this is so so sweet. i was pronouncing all the ways hudson says things out loud. I am laying in bed reading this and my husband stuck his head out the bathroom and says "um, are you having a seizure?" haha!!!

Shalyn said...

I love how he says "no" so sweetly and sings Old Macdonald- so precious!

Raven said...

OMG ok so I was going to say a billion things but then I read what Papa Bear wrote and with what you wrote, AHHHH!!! This is SO SWEET! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! What else can I say besides Hudson is one lucky little dude. You guys seems like magnificent parents. I WANT TO BE YOUR NEIGHBOR!! and best friend! and I want our boys to be best friends! How can we make this happen?

Chelsea said...

ahhh this is so sweet girl! love it, such a good idea i will steal from you ONE DAY! and again, the bama hat. perfect touch!