Pure Imagination

We traveled over the soft rises of rolling, green hills, past watercolor blots of blooming trees, into the darkness that awaits after the last glimmers of setting sun fade into night. We continued on our path, past the menacing growls of scruffy coyotes, sailing under the watchful eyes of the fat, grey owl that seems to follow our every move. The wind ruffled our hair, but we smiled. The winding roads matched the weaving of our voices, intertwined in song and laughter. 

So really....
we never left the driveway.

But we did laugh. 
And we sang 
to the crackling radio 
that played, 
even though 
the key was turned backwards.
No engine running.

And it never mattered to Hudson 
that the Jeep wheels
weren't spinning.
His imagination 
was working hard enough.

Make Believe...bring it back. :)

p.s. We really do have a big owl in our yard.  
I think he lives in our Magnolia tree.
He creeps me out a little bit. Eeek.


Summertime Philosophy.

{LISTEN: In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry}

Summertime means parades and festivals and fun and frolicking through downtown in sundresses and sandals. 

Summertime means smiling and eating on open air patios and soaking up the last drops of sun before watching the pretty pink sunset.

Summertime means laughing and shopping and dancing to the sounds of loud, live music in the glittering moonlight.

Summertime means love.

Won't you stick around summertime? We're loving you extra lots this year. 


Happy is Legal in all 50 States.

Being barefoot in the rain. Watching Hudson "help" DaDa mow the lawn. Visiting home and seeing my family and best friends. Rocking Hello Kitty pajamas & hot pink toenails in the front yard. Listening to Hudson sing his ABC's over & over.

These are the things that made me happy this weekend. 

How did I get so lucky?


When I Dream of Michelangelo

Undoubtedly, this time of year always brings memories of Italy flooding into my mind.
--black & white photos from my summer tour of Italy, 1999--

Is there a special place that you dream of revisiting?