30 Photos

You've probably seen this post around the internet...I couldn't help but play along. 

{someone you spend a lot of time with}
-oh, how I love him.-

{a picture of you}
-heyyyyyyyy, friends.-

{a random photo of you and your significant other}
-It's 5 o'clock somewhere.-

{a picture of something that makes you happy}
-NYC, baby!-

{an old picture of you}
-suspenders and polka dots. that's just the way I roll.-

{a picture of your siblings}
-I am an only child. But here is my parents' dog, Pacey.-

{a picture you never posted on your blog before}
-awwww. my sweet Hudson at 3 months old.-

{a picture of people who know you now AND then}
-our closest friends, then and now. that's us circa 2005 at our annual Haunted Halloween tradition.-

{a picture of your favorite place}
-Trevi Fountain, Rome, 1999-

{a person you can tell anything}
-My mom, duh. Why else would we call each other 18,072 times a day?-

{a picture of your everyday life}
-I get to wake up to this every morning. Love my life.-

{a picture from a place you love}
-The Alabama Gulf Coast-

{a picture that reminds you of great times}
-Underwater in St. Lucia on our honeymoon. We had so much fun that week.-

{a picture of someone you miss}
-my friend Audra-

{a picture of one of your favorite foods}
-I always love steak and potatoes- 

{a picture from the best day of your life}

{a picture that always makes you laugh}
-Hudson's big eyes on his first boat trip.-

{a picture of your spare time}
-I like to read.-

{a photo from a great night}
-Our Wedding Night-

{the people that know you the best}
-love them-

{a picture of someone you always have fun with}

{a picture of your parents when they were your age}

{a picture from last summer}
-picking tomatoes on the farm-

{a photo of your closest friend of the opposite sex}

{a picture of a favorite vacation}
-Savannah, GA 2006-

{a picture of an accomplishment}
-Hudson. Our best accomplishment. Always.-

{a picture of your closest friend}
-true story-

{a picture from a photobooth}
-2006, Florida-

{a photo that makes you smile}
-expecting Hudson-

{a picture of someone you will never let go of}
-make that 2 someones.-


Erica said...

The photo of Hudson at 3 months is beyond words cute! In fact every photo you posted was adorable. You seem to have a wonderful life! :)

Andrea Neudorf said...

Aw! I love this game! I love the second picture, you look so beautiful! and the one of you and your mom, precious! My mom and I call each other ALL the time too!

sarah nicole said...

Awww, Ashley, these are too sweets! Love all the pics of your beautiful baby boy, and you look JUST like your mom when she was young!



Courtney B said...

How fun!! I love ALL the pictures Ashley! I've always wanted to go to Savannah!..did you love it?!
And who else looks THAT gorgeous underwater?! NOT FAIR! :)

Wonder Boy said...

WOW Swoop, What a great 30 pictures! I hope to one day get you back to all the places you love. Especially the place we have not been to together. Hudson is the greatest accomplishment of all. We have some great friends and we have had some great food and we have been to some great places. We just can't say enough for our Hudson.


Megan said...

this is so rad. i love it.

Raven said...

I loved this! Awesome photos! Ok so you look absolutely gorgeous reading at the beach, I can't stop saying how adorable Hudson is, and is the person "wonder boy" who commented above your husband? Because that is SO sweet.

misc.alaina said...

Great collection of photos!

Anonymous said...

Love this post!
Favorite pic.. the one of you and hubs underwater. You're all smiles and looking totally amazing for being underwater, yet hubs has the puffy fish face! ha!

Eva Marie said...

Oh I loved loved loved reading this post and looking at all of your stunning photos. You, Will & Hudson are just way to cute.

Meri said...

Love this! My favorite is a tie- either infant Hudson from above or childhood you with the suspenders! Too cute!

Jeannie said...

I love all the pictures. That 3 mth picture of Hudson is so sweet. Where has the time gone.
I think you were adorable in your suspenders and big bow. Good post.

PS What happened to that cat?????

Gwiddle said...

!! I love this post:) Hudson was so little and perfect as a little tiny baby! Awww!! Seriously you are so gorgeous! I can see where you got your good looks from. Your mom is stunning as well:)

janet h said...

hi! thanks for commenting! awww you have so many pictures! they are lovely! i should definitely post more pictures of myself and anything else soon, hehe to make my blog more interesting! anyways have a great weekend :D xoxo

Piril Maria said...

This was such a great post. Loving the pictures and the story behind them all. Really got to know you.

♥ Love,

Krystal said...

I loved this :) Trevi fnt is one of my favorite places too, I could sit there all day and night :)

jamie-lee said...

Aww this is the sweetest post - I lvoe this peek into your life!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

You are so sweet and these photos are adorable! Your little one is so cute!

Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home

Claire said...

this is so sweet! i love how much you love your life and your hudson, hubby and parents.

Claire @

pinksundrops said...

LOVE this idea! May just have to borrow it.

PS Found you from Everyone Everywear and immediately added you to my reader :) .

In My Tennis Shoes said...

hey! we ate lunch one day at the Six Pence Pub! :D we had a ball in savannah!

lovely pics, my dear!

Manda said...

I really enjoyed this post, and it inspired me to make my own! Thought I'd share!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I really lvoe the 3 month picture of Hudson! You look so much like your mom even when she was your age too!

Diana Smith said...

awww Hudson at 3 months kills me! He is soo freaking adorable. part of me wishes they would stay at that size, then I love them being more independent and sleeping more!

kimmie said...

These photos are just TOO precious. I wish I had a better camera so I could capture such amazing moments.

You are too pretty, Ashley! :)

Cara-Mia said...

Very sweet post. I love seeing what everyone does for their 30 photos. Maybe I'll even play along this week. :)

Haley K said...

A few things about this AWESOME post:

1 - i love 3-month old hudson's little fists :)
2 - your lace shirt you wore at the Alabama Gulf Coast is gorgeous!!!
3 - the photo on Hudson's BIRTHday is so so precious :)
4 - loved the picture of you and your new hubs in your get away car! <3
5 - yay for photo booth shots!

Loved them all Ashley!