You Gotta Be.

{LISTEN: You Gotta Be by Des'ree}

Yesterday, as I walked through the crowded department store, shopping with my mom and Hudson, I heard a familiar song playing softly on the overhead stereo. It's a song that I've heard no less than a million times before. 

It was a favorite of mine in the eighth grade, as my best friend and I sang it loud and proud from the backseat of the car, cruising out of the carpool lane at Liberty Middle School. 

I always smiled when I heard it play on the radio in college, a wonderful addition to the retro lunch hour program that played as I snacked on french fries and ketchup from the comfort of the University Atrium.

I'm not sure why the melody struck me differently today. I don't really know why the words stuck in my head long after I left the mall. 

Tonight, as I find myself winding down after a wonderful day, the chorus still echoes in my mind. 

And for the first time, I realize why the song won't leave me. It's not just a fun song with a catchy tune.....
It's because it contains words of wisdom. It shares advice for life: 

listen as your day unfolds
challenge what the future holds
try and keep your head up to the sky.

they may cause you tears
go ahead release your fears
stand up and be counted
don't be ashamed to cry.

herald what your mother said
read the books your father read
try to solve the puzzles in your own sweet time.

some may have more cash than you
others take a different view.
life goes on without you, leaving you behind if you can't stand the pace
the world keeps on spinning, you can't stop it if you try to.

you gotta be bad
you gotta be bold
you gotta be wiser

you gotta be hard
you gotta be tough
you gotta be stronger

you gotta be cool
you gotta be calm
you gotta stay together

all i know, is love will save the day.

So turn it up. And this time, don't just sing the words....let 'em sink in, too. 


Stephanie Thigpen said...

Um, I just had the jam out of a lifetime. I'm sweating. THAT kind of jam out. You are forever one of my favorite people in the blog world for this.

Krystal said...

my best friends and i made a dance to that around the 8th grade, haha :) it IS a good song though!!

Alessandra said...

Lovely post, so true and love songs that keep yet evolve their meaning along with life.

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

I love that song by Des'ree!!! Such a positive msg this song and Hold On by Wilson Phillips are my fav 90's songs

Cute pics!

Have a wonderful day


PS- How do you post just the play button- I need to learn how to do this

Candice said...

I loved this post Ashley! The words are so true! :) (and Hudson is just adorable per usual! )

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I'm singing the song now. I used to love it too. haha. too bad my dad doesn't read books at all haha. I don't want to be bad or hard but I'll be bold and wiser and tough and stronger and cool and calm and stay together. hehe.

These shots are so sweet!!!

Jeannie said...

I'm missing you and Hudson this morning. What a wonderful day we had yesterday. The weather was beautiful for eating at the outside cafe and strolling around Bridge Street. Hudson was so good and sweet. I enjoyed having you two stay with us overnight. Cute pictures. Hope Will got home safely.

Haley K said...

Love WILL save the day :) Awesome post Ashley!!! I had fun listening to that song that I hadn't heard in much too long! And seeing wise words next to those pictures of your adorable boy made me smile :) Glad you had a fun shopping trip with Mom!

Eva Marie said...

I love this song! Totally how I feel about my girl- and your boy smiling tells it all

A man that loves days with you and Hudson said...

Great Post Swoopieeeeeeeeeeee! I love how you look for the positive in everything. This is a great song. The words are so strong. Great Pictures of our little man!

Diana Smith said...

what a precious post this is! I love how much you just adore your son! That is what motherhood is all about!! Your son is so lucky to have you his whole life!!

Sophie said...

i used to listen to this song over and over and over aswell. when i was in year 8 too! such a beautiful song and post! hudson is just a ball of absolute cuteness. the photos of him are just adorable! xx

Meredith said...

Oh I love this song!
I haven't heard it in forever.

Kat said...

aww such a great post!! love that song :)


Sarah said...

Love this! I always love looking back on old books, movies, or songs from way back when. I always find new meaning!

sartoriography said...

I remember this song like it came out yesterday. It always reminds me of my sister and my best friend and how we'd go grocery shopping with my mom just to have something to do. It always came on when we were in the car with her on our way to town from the middle of nowhere in which we lived.

This song is firmly implanted in my head. I'll be singing it all night now!

Raven said...

What an awesome song. And that son of yours...those eyes! Just precious!

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

ahhh i love this song! good call on the lyrics, it's deeper then the light pop it sounds like.

xo, Ashley

ps - love the new design on the site. it looks really good!

Hockey Wife said...

Hey! Saw your blog on Scenic Glory and had to stop by. Hudson is a doll! I have a two year old little boy, Linden. Light of my life!

Rach said...

Love it!

In My Tennis Shoes said...

wow! that songs brings back the days! thanks for the reminder! have a lovely weekend!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

what a great song, i agree! it's so awesome when all those kinds of memories flood back from when you first heard it. music is such a powerful thing.

love your photo assembly, Hudson is ever so darling and i really like the way you formatted this post lades. nicely done! ♥