Newsletter from Mommy - 18 Months

My sweet little Hudson,

Your eighteenth month has definitely been one of the best ones yet. Your personality becomes bigger and brighter every day, and just when I think I couldn't be more astonished with the little things you do, you go and surprise me, over and over again. Your Dad and I couldn't have asked for a gentler, kinder, sweeter, happier toddler.  You are truly our beautiful angel. Instead of getting all mushy, at the end of this important milestone month (a whole year and a half!), I thought that I might just list a few of my favorite things about you......

-I love that you are very willing to give me a squeeze whenever I ask for a hug....even if it's 207 times in one day.

-I love that you are learning to repeat just about any word or action. All of your words aren't always perfectly clear, but you sure do work hard at expanding your vocabulary.

-I love that you are MaMa & DaDa's little helper. You like to help unload the dishwasher. You like to try to sweep. When you take things off of a shelf (especially shelves you aren't supposed to be touching) you most always put things back.

-I love that you curl you top lip under your teeth when your nose runs....until somebody wipes it for you.

-I love that you talk about Mama and Dada all day long. Mama? Dada. MamaDada.

-I love that you love music. and dancing. And you're never afraid to break it down, and give a little wiggle. Anywhere, anytime.

-I love that you feel so passionate about "Choo-Choo's". If there is one thing that you love to talk about it's choo-choo's. You play trains in the bathtub, and in the floor, and sometimes you even sneak one to bed. Most times, we can find you pushing Thomas around, while you say: "chugachugachugachuga-ChooChoo!".

-I love that you mimick the little things that we do, like blowing on hot food or brushing hair, or knocking  on doors.

-I love that you never fail to entertain us. After church one Sunday we went out to lunch, and as you ate your noodles, you held one in between your fingers. You were rolling it around, and getting ready to eat it. But before that noodle made it's way to your mouth, you had accidentally flicked it, and it was airborne. It sailed over our table, past your Dad's head, and straight into the booth behind us, narrowly missing the lady seated there. As she tried her hardest to figure out where the flying food fragment had come from, your Dad and I did everything we could not to burst out laughing. All the while, you just sat staring at your hand, wondering what happened to that noodle.

-I love that you answer your Chuck the Talking Truck. Every time he says "Bye." I hear you say "Bye!"

-I love that you love to go for rides in the car. Whether they're long rides, or short ones, you are always a happy camper.

-I love that books are your favorite thing. You love to be read to, and you love to "read" to yourself. Some of your favorites this month have been, "That's Not My Kitten", "A Cuddle For Little Duck", "Goodnight Moon", and many more. You love your "Baby's Beginner Bible." Today, you flipped through the pages, and found what you were looking for, and began to clap your hands. When your Dad and I checked to see what the page said, it was a bible verse that you have, no doubt, heard us read many times before: "Clap your hands, shout to God with joy."- Psalm 47:1. I think it is safe to say, it's your first favorite Bible Verse.

-I love that when you see your DaDa or I laughing, you throw your head back and laugh, too.

-I love that you were able to give up your bottle this month. After a couple of long, sad days with a bit of crying and screaming, you finally made the transition to a cup. What a big boy! And it doesn't bother me one bit that you still refer to your cup as "ba-ba".

-I love that you have learned to tickle. Your sweet hands are so cute, little fingers moving quickly. And you always say "tickle tickle tickle".

-I love that you love bath time and brushing your teeth. Two of your very favorites parts of the day, for sure.

-I love that you love animals. You have finally figured out that Lulu isn't alone out there in the backyard, and you now regularly call out to our other sweet dog, Kota...although it sounds more like "KoKa". You also love to be around your grandparents' dogs. You get so excited when Martha & Gig's dog Betsy plays with you, and you talk about "Pay-pee", Gennie & Grandad's dog, Pacey, all the time.

-I love that you are the best little sleeper. For the past 2 months you have been content with our "Night-Night" routine of laying you in your crib at 8:30. You almost never fuss, and by the time we get to the monitor to check on you, you are sound asleep. And DaDa loves it that you are waking up around 7:45 or 8:00 am, just in time to see him before he's off to work.

You do so many amazing things. Thank you for being YOU, Hudson. We are so blessed to have you as our son.

I love you forever & ever,

p.s. This month you became a local celebrity (ha!) when your picture was in the newspaper!

Here are a few pictures of you from your wonderful 18th month!


Andrea Neudorf said...

Precious Soul!! Love the copying stage and also the "thats not my..." books! All great pictures by the way. xo

HettyA said...

Such an amazing update! Great pictures too :)

Ashley Eliza said...

this is the cutest idea. im stealing it when i have children one day :) you're the best mama ash!


Chelsea Lane said...

hi. you guys are the cutest family in the world. when you come to Seattle I'm doing a free night of babysitting so hudson and I can become best friends. aaaaand then you and I are going on a shopping date the next day. sounds like a PLAN!


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I laughed about the flying noodle story. haha. that's great. Hooray for having a fun little 18 month old son! 18 months is a fun age for little boys!!!

Jeannie said...

Hudson could not be any other way having parents like you and Will. He knows how much he is loved. Hudson you are a little bundle of love and you make me smile everytime I see you. Stay sweet and keep reading those books!! We had so much fun that day with the glasses, he looked so cute in them.

Amanda Moury said...

My favorite picture has got to be the one of Hudson on the phone holding the glasses in his hand, he looks like such a little man! :) Happy 18months little guy! Hang in there mama! :)

A Proud Dada said...

WOW, Hudson I can not even believe how much fun we all have had together the past 18 months. The great part is this is the only beginning to many many more happy times. You have already accomplished so much. I am so proud of you. Your mom and I are having such a great time with you. Mom says I play rough sometimes but were both laughing and having fun and getting dirty in the yard. You love to be outside. I am looking forward to our after work wrestle and ball playing in the yard. I LOVE YOU HUDSON AND I AM SO PROUD OF YOU.

Meredith said...

Hudson is the darned cutest thing I've ever seen.
Happy 18th month Hudson!!!
Haha I'm so happy I found your blog, it's been one of my top favorites.
Hudson is so perfect, you guys are so blessed.
I used to love the book Goodnight Moon as a kid! So cute!
Here's to the cutest family alive!
love <3

Ashley Slater said...

Somehow I have not had your button on my blogroll: that has been amended as of today!

second, I love that you write letters to your baby, it will be so awesome for him when he gets old enough to read through them!

Can't say I love this enough...

Cindy P said...

I love that he has a favorite Bible verse already. =) That's so cute! He is such a little sweetie. I love the idea behind these monhtly posts. I'm sure it will be something you'll both look back on fondly.

Eva Marie said...

I love reading about all the things Hudson is doing. It's like I am clapping and cheering him along with you. Liv has so many similar interests and I love that.
Daddy's message melts my heart :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

awe, he answers his little toy truck?! oh gosh, that is waaaay too adorable. i love your letters to Hudson, they must be an extremely comforting thing to write and then look back at and remember. wonderful keepsakes to call upon. and what excellent photos to go with it!!!

those camel corduroys are sensational! cheers to his feature celebrity status. ♥

Natasha said...

Gosh he's adorable!

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

Lissa Chandler said...

love the pictures of him in the red wagon... and the one with glasses, too!

Eva Marie said...

thanks for the lipstick :) im going to check it out tomorrow, I just love it!!

Diana Smith said...

This is so sweet Ashley! I love the little letter you wrote to Hudson, I hope he really enjoys these when he is older! You make really cute babies, do us all a favor and have another one haha

Sarah said...

Eeeeek, this is SO SO SWEET! And Hudson is such a charmer! Awwww. I wish I could meet him, he looks too irresistible! He is such a sweetheart at such a young age, I don't dare imagine how sweet he'd be when he grows up! And his pink little cheeks!

Aw Ashley, you're definitely an incredible mom and he is such a gem! x

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous idea! i love this, Hudson is going to be one lucky guy when he is an adult and can see how much he was treasured. its brought a tear to my eye!!

Young People in Love said...

what a beautiful tribute to your little guy!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

what a sweetheart, love that he talks about you guys all day. Mama,dadda!

Write it in Lipstick

Shalyn said...

I love these little letters, Ashley! Hudson is one lucky little boy! The story at the table cracks me up- I definitely would have been on the floor laughing!

Ps LOVE the new look!