Newsletter from Mommy - 16 Months

Dear Baby Hudson,
Soon I am going to have to start these letters with “Dear Little Boy” because you, my little punky? You are leaving babyhood in the dust. Every day you look and act more like a little kid. Sometimes, my heart swells so big with pride for all of the many things you have accomplished, and other times it shatters into a million pieces as I think about how fast the last 16 months have gone.
When you run through the house, not walk, but run with all of your might, you simply amaze me. Your tiny little feet move so fast, and you usually call out to whoever you are running towards. Mama? Dada? Luluuuu! Oh boy, I melt when I hear your little voice call out for me. I hope I never, ever forget the sound of your itty bitty 16 month old voice. You are not only calling out to us, but you also talk quite a bit now. You say baw (ball), gog (dog), deritis (there it is! using the perfect inflection to sound out the sentence.) chuck (truck), choo-choo (train) broooom-brooooom (that's the sound a car makes.) , book, duck, bah (bottle), baa (bath), bahbeee (baby), bye-bye, ummmmmmm (when you want a bite of food). down (when you want down or when you want to be picked up), and ohnooooooo (oh no. used in the place of uh-oh which you never say.)
You are quite a mischievous little guy. You like to explore and nose around into places you shouldn't be, like closets and cabinets, pulling things out quickly and tossing them over your shoulder without ever casting a backwards glance. You are an expert at making a mess. You love to unroll toilet paper, rip up tissues, and you've just recently started pouring out your milk. Usually if I tell you no, you will quickly stop what you are doing. You're quite a sensitive little fellow, and if my voice is even slightly raised you get very upset, curl your bottom lip, and cry. And of course, I immediately feel terrible for hurting your little feelings. Is it possible you've already figured out just how to get exactly what you want? I won't lie...you've got your Dad and I wrapped around your tiny finger.
It seems as though every day you do something new that completely astonishes me....even if it is something small. Like lately, you've been pulling out the kitchen chair, climbing onto it, and sitting like a big boy. You love to do that when I am working in the kitchen....washing dishes or cooking. You sit up so tall, watching me, grinning to yourself in satisfaction that you found your way onto the creaky antique seat.
You still love to hear songs, and have perfected all the motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider and Head & Shoulders, Knees and Toes. You can point to your head, ears, nose, belly button, and toes. You can impersonate a monkey. Eeee-Eeee-Eeeee. As always, you love bathtime and love to play with your fishies in the tub, as well as your new squirty trains.
You are a dancing fool. I have never seen anyone who loves to dance as much as you. Whenever a song comes on a commercial, or a tv show, or the stereo, I can rest assured that you are feeling the beat, and groovin' to the music. You have a few new moves this month, including spinning in place, which you sometimes do until you get dizzy and fall. The other night, your Dad and I were watching Mad Men, and you got so excited about the theme music, spinning and dancing, dancing and spinning, until you fell down right in the middle of the rug. Dancing is hard work.
At your checkup this month, you weighed 25.6 lbs (50th %ile) and you were 32 inches tall (75th%ile). You have started to get four new teeth since last month, the largest ones to date, your one year molars. They've given you quite a bit of trouble, and early in the month they interrupted your good sleeping habits. Nothing could console you, except for crawling into our warm bed, and curling up beside me for the rest of the night. Of course, we let you...but only a couple of times. You have been eating very well this month, and you really enjoy dinner time. You sit perched up in your booster seat at the dining room table, right in the middle of your dad and I's conversations, eating veggies and fruits like a big boy. Your favorites this month are green beans, potatoes, macaroni&cheese, carrots, and bananas.
If I could use one word to define your personality this month, it would be loving. You have become the MOST affectionate little guy. You love to run up to me and your dad when we are standing up, wrapping your little arms around our legs and squeeze us tight. You love to sit beside me when we watch television, snuggling as close as you can. Sometimes we're even lucky enough to receive a "kiss", which is really just an open mouth slobber against our cheek.
When I lay you down to sleep at night, you sigh, roll over onto your belly and drift off. As I stand over your crib, watching you as you sleep, I pray that your nights will always be this peaceful and sweet, that you will always feel safe, and that you will always have people around you who love you.
You give everyone so much joy, laughter, and love. You give my life so much meaning.
While I am sometimes sad that you are no longer the tiny baby that I cradled in my arms, I am so proud of the sweet little boy you are becoming. I don’t care how big you get, how many words you say, or how many milestones you leave in the dust, you will always be my baby boy. I will always love you just as much as i love you today.


Mandy said...

This is just SO sweet!! He is adorable and so lucky to have such a sweet Mama. He will love looking back on this one day. Isn't is amazing how fast they learn and change??? Such a blessing to be able to witness that.

Jeannie said...

Hudson, I agree with MaMa that you are the sweetest and most loving little guy I have ever known. You can definitely melt my heart with your hugs and those big smiles. Gennie and Granddad love you more than you will ever know. You have brought such joy to our lives. Sweet, sweet pictures. You're a doll.

abehel said...

Sweet Boy!

Alaythea said...

So sweet!!! They do change so fast! I can't believe I'm planning my "baby's" 4th birthday this year. Hudson is tall though - at almost four my daughter is just now hitting 37 inches!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so precious! I love that you are write to him... so sweet. And so much of this the exact same as the little girl I take care of! She's 18 months and so many of the things you mention about Hudson are things I remember noticing in the last couple of months. :)

SJ said...

What a sweet post! The last few paragraphs nearly brought me to tears. And that last picture is too much; what a doll.

amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

Your blog made me cry.. in the most beautiful fashion... Nothing is as special as love... and I see it dripping through every word, every photograph, and every story you write.

I'm following you now.

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

A Proud Father said...

I can not even start to tell you how proud I am of both of you. As for your post today, I thought you said it was not a tear jerker. I would feel my eyes to start and water up as your words were bringing some great memories back into my head. Our little guy has accomplished so much. I must admit though, it sure is fun to play & rough house with him now, but wow time has just flown by.


Shalyn said...

I LOVE that you write these, it is the sweetest thing ever! He is so lucky to have you as a mommy:-) I want to see your little boy boogy! And that huge giraffe! I want one!

Kai.Mercado. said...

That is so amazing! I love that you document his life so that you can look back and remember these times you had with him! That is so cool!

Grace said...

this is too precious that i almost don't want to comment. it will be nice to show your baby this letter when he's older and he can look back at the funny/cute things he did. he will be able to see your huge love for him through this little note. i got teary eyed, i have to admit. when i get married and have a baby i want to write a letter like this. what a great way to document your baby's life.

{av} said...

Great pictures, as always...but what I really love about this post is the honesty and sincerity. Your son is so so lucky to have you as a mother! I will definitely have to employ this technique when I have my own kiddos :) xoxo {av}

Jenna said...

oh, my! your son is absolutely precious. this is such a great idea--your son will be able to look back at your letters anytime he wants. your love for your child is beautiful. i look forward to following!

p.s: that giraffe! i love it.

Lula said...

This is SOOOO cute girl. YOU made my heart melt. And you can almost hear Hudson's laughter in the last picture. Contagious! I've give you an award by the way! Check it out if you like! But you don't need to of course!

S and O said...

Oh my gosh!! He is just too adorable!
Those cheeks are sooo chubby and pinch-able :)
How sweet!


Ashley [Free Honey] said...

Oh Ashley, that's so sweet! I have tears in my eyes, which is ridiculous because I don't know you or Hudson, haha. He sounds like an angel, and he is absolutely adorable! My boss was just telling me yesterday that she bought her son (who is a few months younger then Hudson) a huge stuffed giraffe for Christmas. She thought he would love it, but he was terrified!

xoxo, Ashley

Megan said...

this is just too too sweet!! your blog is LOVELY! I just mentioned in a post how i would like to changemy post grad degree from neuroscience to stay at home mommy...you are living my hopefully soon to be future! Will be living and learning vicariously through you!

Thank you for your sweet comment and for following my blog!

xx from Across the pond

In My Tennis Shoes said...

oh!! LOVE that sweet letter! precious!

ps. i left you a little blog award on my last post! check it out when you get a chance! happy thursday!

Eva Marie said...

He's so stinkin handsome!!
What a beautiful letter and keepsake

Sands said...

Aw, look at your boy growing up so fast! And you're a great mommy for documenting all this. I mean, it all shows in your photos... little Hudson the Explorer, little Hudson the dancer... and it's beautiful! Haha, and this kid seriously smiles a lot! Well that's a no brainer, he gets that from his gorgeous parents. Keep up being Supermom, Ashley! You rock at it! :)


Haley K said...

What a little hunk of burnin' love :) Your letter to your sweet Hudson was so tender. I can tell how much you love that boy...I loved all the detail and the sweet way you wrote to him. He's going to treasure this, and the other letters you write him, when he's older :) *cheers* to growing babies turning into bigger & sweeter boys each and every day!

Klove said...

He's such a lucky little boy. These love notes are beautiful. XOXO

Kristen said...

Aww, Ashley, this is just the sweetest thing! I teared up a bit when I read it. Hudson should absolutely read these one day. I know he will be completely overwhelmed by how much you love him.

Amy said...

I love how you are documenting your feelings and how he's growing up. So sweet Ashley!
Hudson is lucky to have such a good MaMa!
And gracious, he has the cutest room ever!
Hope your Thursday was wonderful!

FashionGirl said...

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Hudson is so sweet <3

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