Tale as Old as Time

Last night we had a fantastic date night out....a delicious dinner followed by the hit Broadway play, Beauty and the Beast. Oh my goodness, to say that the show was fabulously wonderful would be an understatement. I loved every single thing about it, the beautiful costumes, the extravagant sets, the lovely music, and of course, the story. The tale as old as time. Always enchanting, always touching. I won't lie, by the end, I was moved to tears...and it felt good. Who doesn't love a good LOVE story?

{Date Night!}

{Sweet Baby wishing Mama & Dada a fun night!}

{I've got my high heels on.}

{a little fun before our night out}

{Grille 29 at Providence}

{Yum Yum Yummy}

{Filet + Green Beans + Lobster Mashed Potatoes. Not pictured? The delicious Lobster Bisque for my first course. Sooo good.}

{Off to the Show!}


{Providence at Night}


{And even though we had so much fun, we couldn't forget about our little Hudson....we picked out Beast for our sweet handsome prince.}



"If the sky falls, hold up your hands." - Spanish proverb


Singing Rats & Pizza!

Tonight, Hudson had his first experience at the ever popular children's establishment, Chuck E. Cheese's! He is such an active little guy, and since we've been stuck inside shielding ourselves from the frigid winter weather for weeks now, we knew it was about time to get out of the house and have some fun! I can remember spending many fun nights at Show-Biz Pizza as a child (anybody remember Show-Biz?), being entertained by the animatronic Rocka-fire Explosion band and the cavalcade of arcade games. I knew Hudson would get a big kick out of all the activity!

Upon entering, he immediately ran to the stage, to get a close look at the singing animals. I can't remember what the gang used to sing when I was little, but tonight Chuck E., Munch, and friends serenaded us with a cool mix of Justin Bieber and other assorted pop renditions. Awesome. 

After we had our fill of greasy pepperoni pizza, we let Hudson pick out 35 tokens worth of wild rides...he loved the police scooter and the Chuck E. Truck, but disliked the Monster Truck and the School Bus. You win some, you lose some. 

All in all, I think our little love had a great time. Will and I even played a couple of games, too. My game of choice? Race Car Driving. Will likes to shoot hoops. It was a good night for all - games, food, and fun....and luckily, we all escaped without contracting Bieber Fever. See you again soon Chuck E. Cheese!

p.s. Look who was waaaay to cool to smile for the picture that the Chuck E. Cheese Sketch Machine drew for us...


Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa & Lion Riding.

{LISTEN: Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by Vampire Weekend}

Look what I got in the mail today!

A lovely little bracelet I picked out for myself. It's from Kiel James Patrick...and I dare say, it's the epitome of preppy. I fell in love with the website, and all of the fabulously hand-crafted bracelets and headbands. And do you know what is extra snazzy? All of KJP's pieces are named after iconic people and amazing places...my bracelet is called Prentiss Clovericks Stables from the Cape & Brighton Beach Collection. Doesn't that sound absolutely dreamy?

I dare you to go to the website and not pick out at least one little beauty that you MUST have. I'm already picking out my second purchase. Will it be Corcoran Hallowposh Westinee or Lee Radziwill or Bexteck's Luckiest Charm or......

In other news, we have quite the animal lover here in our house. Hudson loves all types of furry friends, both real and inanimate. The other night he decided that he wanted to ride his lion, and after a few grunts and high leg hoists, he did just that. He was so proud of himself, and while he sat there, he just grinned, looking back and forth from me to Will. We, of course, praised his ingenuity, and sang to him while he sat high on his beast. He let go of the furry mane to throw his hands in the air and dance a bit, all while balancing on the lion.

He sure is cute, huh?