Monochromatic Geek

My husband thinks it is funny to call me a geek. Or a nerd. Even a dork. I guess I have a few geeky tendencies, but I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a full time nerd. I felt kind of dweeby today in my thick black glasses, but you know what? My eyes hurt. And my contacts weren't just going to cut it today. Once again, I was feeling less than inspired when creating my outfit today, so this monochromatic mess is what it is. It was comfortable, fairly warm, and most of all easy to put together. Blazer, Scarf, Skinnies, and my favorite beret for a pop of color....that's one simple ensemble, huh?

You may be wondering why hubby calls me a geek. Don't worry, I'll be glad to list off a few reasons:

1) I wear thick glasses.

2) I'm a self proclaimed computer whiz.

3) I enjoy school, and learning in general.

4) I like sci-fi movies.

5) I like to read.

6) I'm really, really good at trivia.

7) I'd much rather stay at home than be out at a bar.

8) I can play a couple of instruments. 

You know what? After reading over these 8 reasons I just listed, I'm not feeling geeky at all. In fact, I'm feeling pretty cool.

So tell me, what makes you a geek?


Linley said...

love the all black with the yellow hat and brown loafers. i dont know what exactly makes me a dork, i just know i am a dork.

thedemuremuse.com said...

You know what's funny? I can identify with all 8 things to a certain degree. I don't have thick framed glasses anymore, but I did a couple years ago. haha *high five* to being geeks!

Another thing that I would consider geeky is saying internet shorthands aloud. I've definitely said "lawl" as in "LOL" a few times. oops!

Della said...

Ooh, definitely my tendencies to over analyze everything and pointing out historical inaccuracies in movies. :) I think you sound amazing! Anyone that can handle a computer is my hero. You'd think after two computer classes, I be good at something? Ha!

Matt said...

I love the outfit!! Super cute! Its geek chic if anything! And what a cool list of 8 things! :)

Brooke said...

I love the black and yellow! I'm a geek because I love being on the computer, I love sci-fi movies, and I know a lot about the computer (oops, did i mention that already? ;)

Lisa D. said...

I actually like this all black ensemble w/the yellow beret and brown shoes. you look like the ultimate hipster. :)

Here's what makes me a geek:

1. Closet computer genius -- my friends invite me over for wine and a movie, and I end up fixing all their electronic devices.

2. Dating an actual computer genius. Seriously. He's even better at it than me.

3. We dressed up as the Nerd Herd from the show Chuck for Halloween. Wanna see a picture? <a href="http://lisadenoia.wordpress.com/2010/11/05/nerd-herd/>Here</a>.

4. I started my first blog in 2003 (back in the LiveJournal days) and I bought a huge book on HTML to make it look pretty. I later moved that blog to Wordpress, and I still write in it...about much dorkier stuff than style and food. :)

5. I sometimes write short stories in my spare time.

6. I take photos of myself by balancing my camera on any waist-high object I can find and setting the custom timer to take 10 shots after 10 seconds. That's the geekiest thing of all. :)

7. Oh wait. Except for this. In high school, I dated a guy who was on the varsity bowling team, and he once gave me a bowling ball and bowling shoes for my birthday. So now, whenever I'm invited to go bowling...I show up with my own ball and shoes. THAT's the geekiest thing of all.


Lisa D. said...

(So much for my HTML skills. I messed up my link.)

Linda W said...

I wrote about geekdom a little the other day in a post. I called myself a dork and my man a geek. There is a difference ;)
I can identify with your #3, 5, 6, and 7. As for the glasses, I bought a few pairs of fake glasses in high school because I desperately wanted to need to wear them. Hmm..don't know what they says about me.
I agree with Lisa, though. The outfit is much more hipster than geek. And a chic hipster at that.

The Auspicious Life

Virginie said...

This look is not simple, it's classic (and totally chic)! You manage to look so pretty with glasses on .

I'm a movie geek, and a proud one at that! Intelligence and knowhow is pretty cool, you are totally right.

ps: There is something really uplifting about this post :)

Windy City Fashion said...

LOVE the outfit. I'm a geek as well! I agree with you on #4, #5, #7 (most of the time) and #8. I also enjoy watching Battlestar Gallactica (the new version) it doesn't get much geekier than that!

Cool Man Will said...

I love my super sweet beautiful geek of a wife. Now let me see what makes me a geek.

1) I don't wear glasses. I must say I have almost perfect eyes. Although they are not as pretty as yours.
2) Not even close to being a computer whiz.
3) Don't like school but do enjoy to learn new things. More of a hands on kind of guy.
4) Not real big on sci-fi movies.
5) I do like to read.
6) I suck at trivia but always win at Monopoly!
7) I also would rather stay at home than be out at a bar.
8) I took violin lessions when I was young.

I am married to a pretty cool geeky well dressed gal. I pretty cool myself!

Jill @ TheLadyBoard said...

Love the glasses- they totally work with your bone structure- swoon!! As for what makes me a geek? I write manuals for a living. Manuals about financial compliance and technical procedures. And I love it. True story.

NoGuiltFashion said...

I think this is the perfect opportunity for the phrase, "If this is wrong, then I don't want to be right." Love the glasses.
No Guilt Fashion

Chelsea Lane said...

ggoorrrggeeouuusss shoes!


kelsey said...

i really love those glasses on you. and everyone is a dork, aren't they?!

Michelle said...

Your glasses are SO cute!

And Jordan and I totally got in a discussion about how I'm a nerd today, too!

a. harms said...

Even if you rare feeling uninspired... You look great!

I am good at trivia too! and I too would much rather be home than at a bar. Unless that bar had a trivia game. Ha!

a. harms said...

oops... That should be ARE. Not rare.

Anonymous said...

You look super cute. And geek chic is in, right? ;) I love reading, I wear thick-framed glasses and I'm really, really good at board games.

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Alessandra said...

Oh my gosh, a GORGEOUS geek! You look stunning with those glasses...not to mention the whole outfit and beret.

I also wear glasses and I am a total bookworm. Yay geeks!

Lilly said...

Great outfit! Those glasses look fab on you!

jadore said...

The yellow hat is great!

Jeannie said...

Excuse me Cool Man Will. You always win at monopoly? If I remember correctly, our five hour game we had on Sat. after thanksgiving, you went bankrupt first and the geek won. You look so cute Ashley.

Kendra said...

You are too cute! I have the same glasses...started wearing them in 1st grade. You are such a fashionalby chic geek;

Anonymous said...

okay i am in love with your blog! so stinking cute. hudson is precious, and i love all of your pictures.

excited to follow and read more about your adventures! and love the cruella de vil post :)

Angeline said...

Love this! Geeks rule :)

Nicole G. said...

I love this look, I think it looks so similar to my closet. :)