The hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny Kaye.

Christmas traditions. They're different in every home, and every family celebrates the season in their own special way. Our little family of three begins the holiday merry-making on Christmas Eve...that magical,  momentous night that comes but once a year. 

Before we snuggled into our Christmas jammies in our cozy abode, we took the short journey to my parents' house for a lovely lunch, lots of presents, an afternoon boardgame session, and an evening of fun. 

{lots of gifts for a special little boy}

{Checking out his goodies!}

{Taking a test drive.}

{Big Boy & his police car!}

{Vroom Vroom}

{He's not quite sure how to move around in his car yet}

{The Tiniest Policeman}

{A Christmas Eve Feast...and cake, too!}

{our annual dinner surprises from my mom - papier mache ornaments made in Haiti after the devastating earthquake.}

{A giraffe for Hudson, elephant for Will....}

{....and a zebra for me!}

{Good times & Joy}

{Hudson with Gennie & GrandDad}

{Just the 3 of us.}

{My cousin Summer & her husband Brad stopped by with lots of gifts for Hudson!}

{A fun new tractor!}

{cousins + little Hudson}

{Someone's ready to open some presents!}

{Hudson's 1st Snowglobe....Hitch your wagon to a star.}

{so much fun stuff!}

{Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer}

{He loves Rudy.}

{Peekaboo Gennie!}

{What a fun day!}

On our way back home from Huntsville, we listened to the nonstop sounds of Christmas music on the radio, which was only interrupted by the occasional NORAD updates of Santa's path around the globe. As we pulled onto our street, Santa had just been tracked leaving New York City, heading down the East Coast towards the southern states. (You serious, Clark?) We had to hurry inside to get comfy and give Hudson his traditional 3 gifts from Mama & Dada before we settled into bed.

{More presents?}

{Getting a little help from DaDa}

{My very special surprise gift from Hudson! Remember when we had to throw away Hudson's beloved bouncy? Well, sweet & thoughtful Will secretly took bouncy to his work and cut away all the fabric, which he took to his mom...she created one of her beautiful needle eccentricities especially for me! This lovely art depicts me & Hudson holding hands on the back of a horse...the dress "I" have on and the sunshine are made of the fabric from Hudson's bouncy. Isn't that so special!? Oh, and Will even picked out the quote my mother-in-law stitched on the bottom of the piece...."No matter how far life pushes you down, no matter how much you hurt, you can always bounce back." - Sheryl Swoopes. He picked that quote because it referenced "bounce". Will's thoughtfulness seriously amazes me....and what a wonderful first gift from my sweet Hudson!}

{I love this little guy!}

{Time to go to bed so Santa can come!}

....stay tuned for even more Christmas fun!


Kristen said...

Aw, Ashley, it looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

Those ornaments from Haiti are so cute - what a thoughtful little touch from your mom. By the way, you look JUST like her. Both of you are so beautiful!

And little Hudson opening his gifts & scooting around in his new car...too cute. Really, I almost can't stand it.

I'm also pretty sure you have the most thoughtful husband around. That needlepoint is so sweet and meaningful.

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, Hudson keeps getting cuter and cuter! I love his hair parted like that!!

Cara-Mia said...

What a great Christmas! Those ornaments are so cool. Will's use of the baby blanket is beyond thoughtful. You are one lucky girl with a lovely little family. ;)

Alaythea said...

Ah, you guys look like you had a great Christmas! I love your artwork and the sweet thoughtfulness behind it! I hope Huntsville was beautiful - my family is there now and I'm still in NC. Missed them alot this Christmas.....Hudson looked adorable in his stripey pj's!

vintch said...

could hudson be any more adorable and awesome? i love his face in those car pictures! he's so determined! and what a thoughtful, sweet hubby you have! that artwork is priceles and certainly something you'll be able to keep and cherish forever. merry christmas to you, sweet friend!

Liz (26 and Counting) said...

Looks like you all had a fantastic Christmas! There pictures are so adorable!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

That police car is super cute! I love your photos!

The thoughtful one said...

CHRISTmas Eve was so much fun. I had a great time with your parents and I always enjoy watching our parents interact with the little guy. I do believe our little guy has gift open down pat. I sure am glad you enjoyed Hudson's gift.


Best Foot Forward said...

These pictures are absolutely adorable! Especially the ones of Hudson in the car; precious!

morgan. said...

this is just the cutest thing ever.
i kept giggling the whole way through the post!

Shalyn said...

I can't get over how cute that gift is from little Hudson- your husband is so thoughtful! And I love the ornaments from Haiti. Glad you had a great Christmas, the photos are all gorgeous!

lindsay said...

these pictures truly speak a thousand words...i feel like i was in that living room watching all of this take place. your family is absolutely beautiful miss...i know i have told you that before, but i like to repeat myself sometimes.

that gift from hudson is fabulous...i love it! it looks like you had a fantastic christmas...i'm still smiling from this post :)

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh! I just read your post about saying goodbye to the bouncy and I teared up! I'm so excited for my baby to get big and have new experiences but it breaks my heart everytime he outgrows a pair of pants (that little tub has really long legs!) or kicks a sock off b/c it doesn't quite fit anymore! I love your gift that Will had made- mine could learn a thing or two from him!

Tunes & Spoons said...

your pictures are always so so beautiful! seriously your christmas looked like it could have been a professional photo shoot! the tree, the cake, your beautiful face, hudsons cute outfit! all of it looks amazing! looks like you got some pretty wonderful gifts too! merry christmas!!

Sands said...

Awww I love your family pictures, Ashley! Hudson looks adorable in his little police car and with his gazillion presents :P And those papier maché animal ornaments are just too cute!!! Looks like you had a rocking Cirhstmas! :)


In My Tennis Shoes said...

ohhh! what a lovely christmas it looks like ya'll had! especially love those papier mache animal ornaments!!

Jeannie said...

We had so much fun on Christmas Eve. I love seeing things through Hudson's eyes. He made Christmas so special this year. I love his Christmas jammies. I'm glad we got to spend some time with Summer and Brad. Your pictures are so good. Way to go Will with the art piece, good idea. "Happy New Year".

abehel said...

Thanks for sharing your photos Ashley, Looks like you all had a great christmas, especially Hudson. I think he really liked the reindeer. He is such a sweet ball of joy. He always makes me smile.

Mariel Torres said...

it looks like it was absolutely marvelous! i LOVE the ornaments from Haiti, so creative.

bethani said...

i love the little police car - man they have come a long way since the standard red bug car..

and those ornaments from haiti are darling. so neat that are just paper.


Virginie's Cinema said...

I wore that same reindeer sweater on Christmas Eve, ha ha great minds right! I'm glad to see you and the family are having a lovely Christmas xox

thegoodgirlgoneblog.com said...

Do they make that police car in tiny blogger size??

Mimi said...

I'm loving the police car. He is so precious, I'm having some major baby fever right about now!
Ps I tagged you in a recent post. If you have time and are interested in doing it, its kind of fun:)

Heidi said...

Such fabulous photos! I love that table setting - so festive! Oh and I like the White Christmas reference - my favorite Christmas movie :)

thisitalianfamily said...

Aww what a beautiful family! Your son is adorable! :) Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas! :)

Meri said...

Those paper maiche ornaments are so cute! I love the last cluster of photos also, with the messages on them.
Great Christmas post!

Diana Smith said...

Hey you! So glad you are back to blogging! missed you during the christmas break!! I love those ornaments!! They are so cute and you make that sweater look so chic!

Natasha said...

All these pictures are so cute!! It sounds like you had a lovely holiday! I can't get over how thoughtful your hubby is!! I'd say he's a keeper!

Summer T said...

We had such a great time seeing you all for Christmas. I'm glad Hudson enjoyed his tractor. I was worried the outfit wouldn't fit but it looked perfect, and so cute! Can't wait to see a picture of the three of you in your Puma outfits :)

Katie said...

This is the sweetest post EVER. The outfit Hudson is in in the first set of photos reminds me of outfits my grandma made for us when we were little. So adorable. :)

If there is one thing I really love in this world it is Christmas traditions. I love that you are sharing your's with your son already. He'll always remember them and look back on the fondly, of that I am sure!

Aww, I'm so sad Christmas is done this year! :)

Jeska said...

Looks like a great Christmas! I love that police car!! Beautiful photos.

Lula said...

You all look smashing! What a lovely family. And I get get over how genius your blog is, the layout is literally perfection.
Big kiss

Sandy a la Mode said...

oh goodness!! your boy got a LOAD of great gifts!! your family is beautiful!! happy new year!!!!

Andrea said...

A police cozy coupe? No. flippin. way. LOVE!

What an awesome gift Will/Hudson got you. It is crazy how attached we Mama's can get to this baby gear :)

a whole lotta love said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas. I love his little car.

thedemuremuse.com said...

i love all your Christmas photos! My goodness, Hudson looks SO CUTE in his little cop car. His smile in one of those photos absolutely melts my heart.

I love those paper mache ornaments, too! The zebra's cute!

Emilia B. said...

you and your family are gorgeous !<3

Meredith said...

Oh my gosh, how cute are his little pjs?? I love them!

Meredith said...

And I just noticed this post title, which is my favorite Christmas movie of all time, so that totally endeared you in my heart a little. :)