Seventeen & Seven Secrets


I was tagged by my new friend Linley at Dwelling & Telling to share Seven Secrets about myself. So in honor of outfit number SEVENteen in my 30 for 30 Remix, here are SEVEN random secrets about me:

1. My best friends call me Grace.
That's not any part of my given name, but they have a pretty good reason for nicknaming me Grace. You see, I'm probably the least "graceful" person on earth. In fact, I've been known to trip and fall over absolutely nothing. The moniker came about when me, Will, and our best friends visited NYC in 2008....I fell on the sidewalks of the New York about eight hundred times.

{Grace in the City, 2008}

2. I know every word to Home Alone.
It's always been my favorite holiday movie, ever since my visit to the theater to watch little Kevin McCallister wreak holiday havoc. I regularly quote and recite this flick....whether it's Christmas time or not!

{"This house is so full of people it makes me sick. When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone!"}

3. I took the LSAT.
In 2004, just after I graduated from college with a BS degree in Political Science, I continued on with what I thought would be my future career....I wanted to practice International Law. In October, I went early on a Saturday morning, and spent half the day answering difficult questions on the Law School Admissions Test. Two days after the LSAT, Will proposed. Needless to say, I chose to stay and get married and put my law school dreams on hold...it was a good decision, because now I have a beautiful family and I wouldn't change a thing!

{LSAT is fun! Not really.}

4. I was a baton twirling Rose from Titanic.
Not only was Titanic one of my favorite movies that debuted when I was in High School, I also had the honor of portraying Rose in an elaborate halftime production during my Senior football season. My fourth year of being a majorette, our band director hand picked me to play the Titanic heroine during the show, where I sailed high above the crowds in an intricate model of the Titanic, wearing a handmade jeweled replica of Rose's burgundy gown. It was really fun.

{little majorette me!}

5. My son Hudson shares a name with my maternal great great great great great Grandmother.
I picked Hudson's name, simply because I love it. Will and I agreed on it almost immediately. He thought it was a very strong name, and I especially liked it because it reminds me of my favorite place in the world: NYC, home of the Hudson River! About a month ago, we discovered a brand new reason to love his name...it's the surname of my ancestor who lived in the early 1700's! I think that's a sign that we picked a great name for our little boy!
{our little Hudson}

6. I love to eat oysters on the halfshell.
I'm a pretty picky eater. But surprisingly, one of my favorite foods is oysters....always raw. I love them slathered with hot sauce on a cracker. I could eat them every day, but my favorite place to have them is during our annual visit to the beach!

{enjoying oysters in Gulf Shores}

7. I love to watch boxing.
Will doesn't exactly share my affection for the sport, but I love to watch boxing. I'm a pretty girly-girl, but I always get really into the action packed fights. I even have a favorite boxer, The Magic Man Paulie Malignaggi.

So now, I have to challenge seven bloggers to share their seven secrets! I chose some of my favorite remixers! I tag:

And if you want to know anything else random about me, just click here to ask me a question anonymously!


Brooke said...

I love your dress and Home Alone is amazinnnnng!

Shannon said...

Your majorette story just made my day. That must have been the most amazing halftime show EVER.

Best Foot Forward said...

Ahh I love Home Alone! There is a marathon of it on ABC Family tomorrow! I will most definitely be doing my homework in front of the tv :)

thedemuremuse.com said...

I can't tell my friends about your nickname of Grace. I feel like they would start something similar because I'm known for tripping on myself also. I have also managed to roll my ankle while walking on FLAT ground. I'm pretty much an accident just waiting to happen... haha

Thanks so much for tagging me! I''ll definitely have to think of 7 secrets to be posted next week. :)

Natasha said...

I loved all your secrets!!...they were quite interesting, and rather amusing!

Chelsea Lane said...

love all the stripes in that outfit! vertical and horizontal :) daring, and I like it <3


Roadrunner said...

I love that colourful cardigan :) It's so cheerfull! :)

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Anonymous said...

Cute outfit and great "secrets." Yayy for Home Alone. I love that movie.

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Elisabeth said...

awesome post. i love majorette ashley!

Will said...

Well lets start off by saying great outfit. What is that little white rat next to you?

1) Grace, You make falling down look so peaceful.
2) I am looking forward to our cheese pizza night.
3) Oh I am glad you don't make me sit at hotel bars all day anymore!
4) Do you remember twirling a stick around in our front yard.
5) Hudson is such a great and strong name. Love that little guy!
6) I remember when I got you to try them. I thought you would never do it.
7) I like boxing, I just cant say up that late for some crazy reason.

Jeannie said...

I also like the outfit. #1-you inherited that from me. #2-I remember the first time we saw that movie. #3- You worked so hard preparing for the LSAT, the many nights you drove to Vanderbilt in Nashville taking that class - never give up on your dreams. #4- I remember that well and I enjoyed your majorette days. #5-How surprised we were to know Hudson shares a name with our ancestor. #6 - Ugh! #7- This is a total surprise didn't know this!!!!

kelsey said...

these are so fun to read!

Mimi said...

These are great! I am sorry I didn't know you had done this before. I love that your friends call you grace. I always think light teasing as a form of fond affection:)