A Partridge & A Pear

We had just finished up an action packed day of fun at Dollywood, and we had worked up quite an appetite! Driving through Pigeon Forge we spotted a really cute place that was decorated for Christmas, although we had yet to celebrate All Hallow's Eve. It's hard for me to pass up twinkling lights and Christmas trees, so we pulled in to explore the beautiful holiday oasis! As soon as we got out of the car, the smell of delicious food caught our attention. We saw that there was a cute little restaurant beside the Christmas shoppes, fittingly called A Partridge & A Pear. Upon entering, I saw that that the restaurant was truly a sight, completely decked out in sparkling holiday trimming, and on top of that the food smelled fabulous! We promptly put our names on the waiting list, and spent a few fun minutes exploring the winter wonderland of Christmas shoppes next door.

{A Partridge & A Pear}

{"Dinner Reservation for five please....and we'll need a highchair."}

{"Hey, let's go shop while we wait!"}

{It's a Winter Wonderland!}

{Pretty Trees Everywhere!}

{Hudson & Dad hang out in Santa's chair}

{enjoying Christmas a little bit early this year}


Tanya Turi said...

This is just too adorable for words! You've put me in a complete festive mood!

Ollie Things Beautiful said...

Too cute! I can't wait for X-Mas, wish the radio stations would already start playing the holiday music!!

Will said...

That was some good grub. What happened to the: I was the night before? Where is the story about your family hiding while I went and set in Santa's chair? HAHAHA

Jeannie said...

Alright Will, don't tell all the family secrets. We hid because we saw security and we thought for sure they were coming after you. You might want to get a night job as Santa and Hudson and Ashley could be your little elves!!
How cute would that be! Hudson's outfit is adorable.