Newsletter from Mommy - 15 Months

My sweet Hudson,

Oh my little punkin' (I promise I will stop calling you that by the time you reach high school) the time is really flying by. It seems as though you just turned a year old, and then I turned around, for a second, really, and here you are.....3 months older. No longer a baby, but a precious little 15 month old toddler who walks and talks and has a mind of his own. You've come a long way from that tiny little bundle of love that we swaddled ever so tightly and carried around with the ease of holding a feather. Now, you are a full blown little person with opinions and ideas, and demands that you do not hesitate to share. Your feisty temper that sometimes appears is balanced out by your sweet laughter, generous hugs, and loving snuggles.

You have changed so much since I wrote my last letter to you. You walk and run everywhere you go. Your favorite spot in the house is the back door, where you like to stand and watch for the dogs....you even call Lulu by name, and usually she listens when she hears your sweet little voice. Your love to "March March March"....stomping your little feet while high stepping in place.You are eating like a little champ (you weigh about 26 lbs.), your favorite foods at this time are grilled cheese sandwiches, macaroni & cheese, potatoes, green beans, mixed fruit cocktail and, of course, your morning yogurt. Sometimes you sneak in a few cookies, too! After meals you look forward to brushing your teeth, and you think it's so funny when the soft bristles tickle your pearly whites. You are still pointing your finger a lot at things that you want to learn about, and you still love to hear MaMa sing...especially Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABC's, and the Head & Shoulders song. When we sing Itsy Bitsy Spider you are able to do the hand motions for the spider and the rain falling down, and oh boy, is it cute! You know where your belly button is, and when we ask to see it you pull your shirt up high and point it out. When you hear other people clapping on tv, you clap along, too. You spend a lot of time looking at your books, and most every morning you start off the day playing quietly in your crib, flipping through the pages of your favorite books and "reading" them. You are so inquisitive, and insightful, and you pick up on things so quickly...the other day your Dad and I were snapping our fingers while we sang to you, and you immediately examined what we were doing with our fingers and tried very hard to snap along. Sure, no snapping noises are produced when you rub your tiny fingers together, but you sure do look the part!

My most favorite thing about this past month is how very loving you have become. Your favorite place to be when you are not running and exploring the house is tuckled in very close to either me or your Dad. You love to hug us, and you hug your stuffed animals, too. The best feeling is when I'm walking through the room and you run up and wrap your little arms around my legs, stopping me in my tracks to offer some snuggles. Yesterday, I asked you to give me a kiss while we sat close together on the couch watching a movie. You leaned in to me, opened your mouth, pressed close to my cheek and blew as hard as you could against my face. I guess you think that's what a kiss is, and that's okay with me, because when you did that you totally melted my heart.

I can’t describe how wonderful it is to have you in my life. You are a beautiful, precious little boy and may you never forget it. Goodness knows you’ll hear it often enough if I can help it. I'm so lucky because of all the little boys in the whole wide world, I got the very best one. I love you more than words can say.

Hugs & Kisses,


Jeannie said...

How cute he looks. I love his little outfit. I also got a lot of hugs when he was at my house and I loved it. All those different expressions are so cute. When he gets older he will cherish all of the letters you and Will have written him. Sweet letters for a sweet boy.

Linda W said...

This is lovely. It is so nice that you have a record of this for him when he gets older.
Is it bad that we share favorite foods?

The Auspicious Life

Col said...

Ohmygod, he is so cute...and such a sweet letter! You also look gorgeous in the pictures!

Virginie's Cinema said...

Ashley your family is so great, thank you so much for sharing your adventure as a mom with us. As a non mom (for now!) this really melts my heart and makes me look forward to the day I will have the honour of becoming a mom myself xox

Lisa D. said...

He's adorable! These photos are beautiful. You guys make the perfect little family. :)

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Hudson is such a doll. These pictures are so adorable!!

sara-jane elizabeth

Alessandra said...

adorable photos and post. lovely to read, thanks.

Law Mama said...

Oh, your post made me cry a little bit. They grow up so darn fast, right? I feel like I just had a new baby, and now he's a year old.

Hudson is SO CUTE. I love the leaf holding up picture - Zeke does the same thing. :)

JMay said...

Awwww! I love his little outfit. The fall leaves are all so pretty too!