Laugh Dance Boo

Guess who Ellen DeGeneres picked as her 8th favorite out of hundreds of Halloween costumes that were submitted to her Twitter account? You guessed it....our very own little HUDSON!

Last week, Ellen posted this on her Twitter:


So, I posted this:


Today, I checked back and saw that Ellen had posted the five winners on her website, along with about 125 of her other favorites that were submitted. And right there on her webpage I saw my little lamb! He didn't get picked in the top five, so we didn't win a prize, but I consider it an honor that he got picked as her 8th fave. We love Ellen and apparantly Ellen loves Hudson, too!

If you want to see sweet Hudson gracing Ellen's website, visit this link.....He's number 8 of 129.

[Ellen as Snooki photo, via  http://ellen.warnerbros.com/]

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Summer T said...

Congratulations Hudson! You were so cute :)