It's not such a bad little tree. Maybe it just needs a little love.

I always look forward to our visit to the Christmas Tree Lot each year. This time, we faced a bit of a dilemma: Instead of picking out our standard big and tall Douglas Fir, we had to improvise. Why, you ask? Because we have a mischevious little elf running amuck in our home...his name is Hudson. At 15 months old, our little sweetie is very curious, and in to everything. We could just see him pulling a giant tree over on top of him, ornaments flying. We contemplated putting up the hideous child safety "fence" around the tree (you know, like the Gosselins did when the sextuplets were little? Come on, don't pretend you dont watch (Jon &) Kate + Eight!) But I just couldn't stomach the thought of the ugly, grey plastic divider blocking our view of the wondrous Christmas tree. So after much thought, we decided to get a smaller tree, so that we could place it on a corner table, unobstructed, but high enough away from tiny, grabby hands.

At the Tree Lot, the friendly man who helps us each year listened to our requests and pulled out two fresh Douglas Firs, still bound up from the tree delivery truck. The first was about four feet tall. And I won't lie, it looked a bit like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Somewhat sparse, and droopy. Although the little tree tugged at our hearts, we couldn't help but choose the second tree he unwrapped. It was thick and full, although small in stature. It was the perfect tabletop tree.

When we got home and set it up, it looked lovely in the corner of our living room. Hudson definitely tried to get his hands on the low branches at first, but after a few firm "No-No's" he decided to retreat, and leave the tree alone. We kept telling him to look at the pretty tree, at which time he would point at it and smile his biggest smile, while saying "Wooooo." He thought it was pretty.

As we pulled out all the ornaments, he helped us to make a mess unpack the boxes. He got especially excited when we opened up the special ornaments that talk, sing, or make sounds. His favorite seemed to be Linus from Peanuts, performing his part of the Christmas play on stage. Will and I love that one, too, and I have even been known to cry the first time I hear it each season. It really is very sweet. Hudson's face lit up when he heard Linus begin..."Lights, please? And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them...."

So Day 1 of the Christmas Tree was a success. Now, let's hope that the little rascal doesn't find a way to climb the table and topple the tree.

{Pretty Christmas Trees}

{DaDa & Hudson chatting with the Tree Man}

{all bundled up}

{smiley in the tree lot}

{Brrrr! It's only 38 degrees!!}

{This cool boy is ready to decorate! Please ignore his hat hair. HA!}

{He found Santa & Mrs. Claus!}

{Listening to the Linus Ornament with MaMa}

{Christmas Tree Time...now & then}


Brooke said...

oh my gosh I love his owl hat!! Such a good idea with the tree because I'm sure my daughter will pull off all the ornaments once we set that up.. oh boy!

Michelle said...

Seriously, his owl hat is too cute! And your tree looks lovely (and hopefully childproof)!

Lydia Marie said...

That's such a cute tree! And the owl hat is adorbs!

kileen said...

aww, your little "tabletop tree" is so cute and so is your little hudson! i love your knit headband / ear warmers too! very cute!!


Anonymous said...

aww the photos are so sweet!

Jeannie said...

I'm cold just looking at the pictures. I'm glad you put 2009 and 2010 so we can see how much he has grown, not that we don't know, but it is fun to look back. Cute pics and cute tree. Sweet Hudson enjoys everything.

Linz said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that yellow coat!! It's the perfect vibrant piece to cheer you up on a bitterly cold and dreary day!

Such cute pictures of the family, y'all are all so adorable!!

S + Y said...

Oh, the owl hat again!! Oh man, the boy really rocks his hats! :P
Your family pictures are always so lovely, it makes me go all aww all the time! And your knitted headband = so adorable!

Happy 1st of December! Yay!


Douglas Fir Will said...

Another fun trip to the tree lot and another perfect tree. There is just something special about going out and walking through the trees to find that special one. The cold air, the colored lights hanging above the trees.

kimmie said...

Hudson is TOO freaking adorable. Everytime I see that precious owl hat I just want to steal it. Where is it from? :)

Your family is just too cute, and I'm loving the yellow coat!

I just posted a giveaway over at my blog- Hope you can come enter! Yay! :)

Taylor Renee said...

Such sweet photos!! It's my bf and my first Christmas living together this year and we're going to start a tradition of buying a live tree with bulb and replanting it after xmas. Then we'll copy down the latitude and longitude so years down the road, no matter where we are, we can spot our trees on Google maps.

A little geeky perhaps, but I'm excited!


Tunes & Spoons said...

that looks like such a magical time with your family! what a beautiful blog you have! glad I found it! Also...I love that you are sporting that gorgeous yellow coat! way to be beautifully bold!! : )

Linda W said...

You have an aDORable family.
The Auspicious Life

Alison said...

Ahhhh he is so cute! I love all of your winter wear :) And picking out a tree is definitely one of my favorite things! Great post!

<3 Alison