I lost my dog.

We have two dogs. Both are mixed breeds, but they have extremely different personalities. Kota is part Lab, part Great Pyrenees. She's sort of shy, and very sweet. She hardly ever misbehaves. Lulu is part Lab, part Husky. She's wild and crazy. She misbehaves daily.

We've had these dogs for six years, and in that time, Lulu has escaped from our fenced back yard probably 836 times. That's just an estimate...but I'm sure it's been that many. Neighbors have recovered her, and strangers have returned her. Sometimes I think she gets out, and digs her way back in before we even notice she's missing. She's a Houdini of sorts; She can get out of a notch in the fence that is no larger than a rabbit hole. In all of the times that she has gallavanted around our neighborhood, doing who know's what, she has returned unharmed.

She escaped again today. We noticed that she was gone around lunchtime. Will was home from work, so he drove around the block looking for her, but she was no where to be found. When I was outside taking my 30 for 30 pictures a little bit later, I heard some commotion, and there was Lulu. On the other side of our fence in our neighbor's yard. I trudged back there to open our back gate to let her in, and it was locked. Of course. So I walked back through the sludgy rain soaked grass to retrieve the gate key, and by the time I got back outside she was gone again. Disappeared without a trace.

Here's hoping Lulu returns home again. Safe and as crazy as ever.

{The camera snapped just as I spotted Lulu.}


Erin said...

oh no! I was hoping the title was a euphemism for something! I hope for the safe return of your dog!

I love the colors in this outfit, and the setting is too perfect, the greens and yellows all look nice together.

Linley said...

oh no! I hope she comes back soon!

Love your bright yellow coat, side braid, and belted scarf! you look great! (:

thedemuremuse.com said...

I hope Lulu comes back soon!! That's always scary to hear about your dog escaping from the fence.

I love how you matched your tights with your jacket, by the way. Yellow is such a cheery color!

Gracie B said...

I love yellow! That's my favorite color! And I love it on you!!

Cara-Mia said...

I hope he comes back too! :(

Cute yellow coat.

Jeannie said...

I was wondering when you would bring out the j crew yellow coat which I love. That is a cute outfit and the pictures are so good. I always love you in a braid. I hope LuLu comes back just because Hudson will miss her.

Eva said...

Oh I love that yellow coat! The cut and style of it is wonderful!

Hope you find your dog. :(

Tanya Turi said...

You look like a beautiful little sunflower! Love it! I'll have to try the scarf look sometime:)

I'm sorry to hear about your doggie - I hope she comes back soon. xx

Natasha said...

What a suilly dog!
I love the yellow and green in this outfit...so fun!

Make sure you enter my handmade belt giveaway!

The great wet bandit Will said...

Well I thought I was going to be taking pictures today? Oh well! You have done it again! another great look. I am like your mom. I am suprised you have just now broken out the yellow coat.


Brooke said...

Ah! Im so happy you got Lulu back!! It's great that you got a picture of that too!

Pixie in Pumps said...

That is an adorable outfit. I love this vibrant colors together.

I hope Lulu returns unharmed! That's crazy how she gets out like magic.

I had a dog that when she got out would run like mad and I used to have to chase her all the way down the street and tackle her in the woods before she got through the fence and into the open field beyond. One time she got loose when I wasn't home and I was BESIDE myself. She was gone to two days and then like magic she showed up on the driveway unharmed and thirsty. I was SO upset.

S + Y said...

WOW! Love how you worked yellow and green together! And the way you wore your scarf belted like that is just too wicked cool. :)


Linda W said...

So sorry to hear about Lulu. I home she comes home soon. Sounds like she likes to escape for a little adventure from time to time, but always remembers home to get home.
Also, you are totally pulling off those bright yellow tights. I don't know how you do it. But you do.
The Auspicious Life

Law Mama said...

Glad to hear on twitter she made it back!

Now: I DIE over your yellow tights + yellow coat. UH-mazing. Plus the scarf? Insane. :)

krust said...

Oh MAH goodness! I love the yellow.
You look incredible.

Lisa D. said...

Now there's an outfit to stop traffic in! All yield to Ashley in this ensemble. I love the bold colors - they look amazing on you! The boots are an unexpected touch that make the whole outfit look effortless instead of fussy. Very cool. You're making me want to sport another side braid very soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope he comes back home!

Your outfit is so adorable-- the punches of colors are perfect!