I climbed a Rock Wall, Y'all!

While we were in the Mountains, we stopped in this funky place we couldn't help but notice on the side of the highway....

Your eyes do not deceive you. WonderWorks is a pretty crazy "museum". It's upside down! Once you get inside the doors, things are right side up, but the crazy fun continues. Basically, it's a place full of fun stuff to do and some really neat interactive experiments.

We had a great time exploring WonderWorks for a few hours. We laid on a bed of nails, sat inside a space shuttle, dodged sharks while swimming in a virtual ocean, drove some race cars, felt hurricane force winds, and experienced an earthquake. Will and my Dad rode an upside down roller coaster simulator, Hudson played a "Big" style footstep piano, and my Mom rode down the virtual slopes on a snowboard.  And me? I climbed a Rock Wall, Y'all!

{Got my gear on. Ready to climb. I'm feeling pretty brave. Let's do this!}


{Ummm, excuse me, Will. This is not a race.}

{Intense! Little Mountain Climber in action!}

{Yeah, Yeah. You made it to the top.}

{I, on the other hand, made it about halfway. Can we blame it on the shoes?}

{dorky glasses courtesy of the Hurricane simulator}


{Brace yourself! There's an earthquake coming!}

{Will riding the stunt bike simulator....}

{....and upside down he goes!}

{Hudson loved this. The floor changed colors and patterns!}

{He found some big blocks!}

{The Roller Coaster simulator was a bad idea. Both of them felt sick afterwards!}

{Optical Illusion! Hudson climbing some fun stairs!}


Alessandra said...

you climbed a wall AND looked great doing it! I love your outfit, especially the shoes and your jeans rolled up!

Jeannie said...

I agree you were not dressed to climb a rock wall. Is there anything Will will not try? That was a neat museum, we had a lot of fun.

Swoopie said...

Nope you have to try everything once in life. Swoop you looked and did great on that wall. Thanks for all the great butt shots of me on the wall. Hudson had so much fun at this place from Jamaica that landed in the Smokes.

Frances Joy said...

Oh, I love those shoes! Great job climbing that wall. That place reminds me of these books I read as a child where the woman's house was upside down. Mrs. Pigglesworth, I think it was.

S + Y said...

Yay!!! Rock climbing and fun rides! Ahahah that last pic is so cool!


Natasha said...

oh this looks like sooo much fun!! One of the very few things we have in this small town is a rock climbing wall, I really need to take advantage of it!

allie said...

this place looks awesome! i've never climbed a rock wall before (too scared!) henry would love that floor and it's fun patterns too.

so glad i found your blog as well :) your family is adorable and i can't wait to read more. also, love love love the name hudson...it was actually one of the names on our baby list before we decided on "henry" !