I Heart Halloween!

I have always loved Halloween....and I love all that the haunting holiday entails, from tiny, tissue ghosts to bright, glowing jack-o-lanterns. I enjoy getting spooked on haunted hayrides and getting lost in maddening corn mazes.The weather is perfect, just chilly enough to make you want to snuggle with your favorite cuddler on a long walk, or roast some marshmallows by the campfire. The leaves are lovely, falling from the trees, and arranging themselves into piles of beautiful colors of yellow, orange, brown, and red. I anticipate the thrill of All Hallow's Eve, when the little children dress up as their favorite animal or story book character, and take to the streets with their pumpkin pails in hand, ready to trick or treat the night away.  There is no better time to engage in ghost stories, or scare yourself silly with a chilling collection of horror flicks.

Now that Hudson is getting big enough to take part in the fabulous fall festivities that abound this time of year, I know that our family will just have loads more fun! Even though he wasn't quite big enough to trick or treat for candy, he did great showing off his sweet costume and enjoying a couple of Dum-Dum's! I can't wait to show him all of the fun things that make up the month of October.

This year we experienced quite a few Halloween activities, from a Ghostly Game of Bunko I hosted at my house, to an all-girl Ghost Walk through downtown, and even celebrating the birthday of a cute little Halloween baby! In the next few days I'll be posting about all of our Halloween Happenings......until then, here's a few random snapshots of my favorite little boy in the days leading up to Halloween.

{"Tell me more about Halloween, Mama?"}

{sipping out of an orange Halloween-y cup like a big boy}

{happy Halloween baby}

{sweet face}

{"Tell me again why I have this on my head? I do hope there is candy involved."} 

{hiding under the table so he doesn't have to watch Hocus Pocus with Mommy for the 20th time this month.}

{Gigi's Cupcakes! The most perfect Halloween treat!}

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Jeannie said...

Sweet and funny!!! The cupcakes look delicious.