A Great Day in Gatlinburg

During our trip to the Smoky Mountains, we spent a fun afternoon in the charming little mountain-side town of Gatlinburg. There are lots of things I love about the place...all of the yummy candy kitchens that have saltwater taffy pullers in their windows and rows of caramel apples on their shelves. The beautiful views of the tall mountaintops looming high above the hustle and bustle of the downtown streets. The cute little specialty shops that sell everything from baby gear (My mom got Hudson got a cute little pair of footie pajamas that are covered with grizzly bear pawprints, and have a cute little booty flap! Tee-hee! And Will picked up a sweet little Backyardigan stuffed animal for him) to fun stuff for adults (I saw some really cute scarves that were printed with Beatles lyrics...and I'm pretty sad I passed them up).

Hudson spent some time in his stroller, some time in the Baby Bjorn, and some time just hanging out with his grandparents....because Will actually talked me into riding the incline up the mountain! I can't believe I did it, but I was happy I did, once we got up to the top; The views were absolutely gorgeous!

We had such a great time in Gatlinburg, and left just as dusk fell in the pretty mountain valley.

{a quaint little corner of Gatlinburg}

{busy little bee}

{Smiling Scarecrow}

{sweet boy checking out the fall foliage}

{Hudson & Dad}

{the 3 of us}



{In Gatlinburg, angry little boys.....}

{....get new toys! Hudson gives his little Backyardigan a squeeze.}

{The Village}

{Peekaboo Gennie & Granddad! We see you!}

{The cutest scarecrow of all!}

{The incline going high up the mountain. I rode that!!}

{Cheese! Souvenier Photo from high atop Gatlinburg!}

{The view from the top was worth the ride.}



{Gatlinburg nestled between the mountains}

{Here we go...down the mountain! Yikes!}

{What a cute little dude!}


{DaDa & Hudson take a look at the river running below the bridge.}

{Lots of goodies in the Old Smoky Candy Kitchen}

{Beautiful October Evening}

{We had so much fun with my parents!}

{waiting while my family picks out caramel apples & chocolatey goodies from the Candy Kitchen}


{pretty flowing fountain}

{funny little family pic}

{I love my Mom!}


Anonymous said...

Looks like an amazing trip! I've always wanted to camp in the Smoky Mtns.


Cathy W. said...

I love Gatlinburg! We took the boys there last spring break and they had a blast! Thanks for visiting my blog and helping me to find yours! Your pictures are amazing!

Willber said...

This was a great trip and I still am surprised that I got you to ride to the top of the mountain.

Jeannie said...

I still can't believe you rode the incline but you have pictures to prove it. Those are awesome pictures you took while coming down the mountain. Good memories and I love you.

Maggie said...

OK your family is seriously too cute for words! Love all the pics!