Bunko & Things that go BUMP in the Night!

I am fortunate to belong to a great group of  twelve girls that get together once a month to play BUNKO! Bunko is a game played by young and old, alike, by women all over the country. It's a great way to get together with girlfriends and enjoy a fun night, filled with laughter and conversation. Each month the group rotates who's house we play at, and this October was my designated month. I decided to have a Halloween theme, and all of us girls loved getting dressed up in costumes to celebrate during a ghoulish game of Bunko! A couple of weeks later we got together again to partake in a ghostly gathering....this time in the form of an adventure through downtown Florence. We were hunting for GHOSTS! We met up with Debra Glass who annually leads groups through the Haunted History of the Shoals. We saw many spooky sites on our route through the dark, downtown streets. Turns out, there are many supernatural beings that are rumored to be hanging around our beautiful town....haunting their previous homes and even their favorite restaurants. We learned about the infamous Molly who never left her childhood home at the corner of Irvine and Court Street, and the Confederate Soldier who frequents a favorite local ice cream & sandwich shop, historical Trowbridge's.....a yummy little joint that is credited for creating Orange Pineapple Ice Cream! After many other spooky stories, we stopped by perhaps the scariest stop of all....Pope's Tavern. One of the oldest structures in Florence, Pope's Tavern is located on what was once the old military road that connected Nashville to the Natchez Trace and on to New Orleans. The tavern served as a stagecoach stop, the perfect resting place for weary travelers in the 1800's. Legend has it that Andrew Jackson stopped here on his march to the Battle of New Orleans. During the Civil War, the tavern was converted to a makeshift hospital, helping both Confederate and Union soldiers, many of whom died on the premises. As soon as we entered through the wrought iron gates, stepping quietly through the darkness, all that could be heard were our footsteps on the cobblestone walkway. There was an immediate eerie feeling that beared down upon us. It felt as though the air was thick with sadness. We stood listening to the stories of sorrow that burdens the building, and after we were throurougly afraid and shaking in our boots, we stopped by the windows to take a few snapshots. There's no denying that there is some "orb" activity in the photos. If you, like me, are a fan of all of the ghost shows on tv, then you know that they say an orb signifies a collection of energy....possibly the energy of a person who is no longer living. It's up to you to decide if you believe in orbs, or for that matter, ghosts at all*.

{Happy  Halloween!}

{Saying goodbye to my little sweetie, while waiting for my Bunko guests!}

{Will & Hudson flew the coop before the girls came!}

{Bunko Girls}

{Dinner at Ricatoni's before the Ghost Walk}

{Haley & Shea}

{Katie & Lisa}

{Amber, Me, & Jennifer}

{The light above Trowbridge's went on while we heard about hauntings....but there was no one in sight!}

{Ghost Walk Girlies}

{Anybody home? Living or otherwise?}

{spooky Lisa}

{Amber & Katie listen intently}

{Me, Shea, & Haley huddle close....scared of ghosts}

{so much fun...}

{....ghost hunting in Florence!}

{Looking for spirits at Alabama Outdoors}

{Molly haunts here....the Off-Campus Bookstore}

{inside Pope's Tavern}

{more of the inside}

{I see an orb!}

{And another big orb on the last photo we took at the tavern}


 {What a fun & spooky night!}

*After the ghost walk ended, Lisa, Amber, and I got a wild hair and ventured back to Pope's Tavern to engage in a hunt of our own. You see, we were so intrigued by the orbs we saw on the camera, we thought we might try to snap a few more pictures on the property. If you've never been, the front lawn is enveloped behind a short wrought iron fence. The gate to the fence was clearly open that late night, and we weren't so afraid because unlike the back of the building where we had been earlier, the front is sufficiently well lit....thanks to two large gas lamposts that flank the front walk just inside the gate. Lisa had the idea to record some video footage of our trek to the front of the building, so with my SLR in hand she pressed record and walked along behind Amber and I as we made our way towards the tavern. We creeped toward the gate, and planned to step just inside, close enough to take only a couple more pictures of the front stoop and windows. It seems as though what happened next took place in slow motion.....

Just as the three of us entered onto the grounds, the gate behind us did not remain open. For some unseen reason, it shut tightly behind us. We turned quickly to see what caused the clatter of the gate latch locking....and as we did so, the gas lamp to our left simultaneously went black, shrouding us and the spooky building in near darkness. No conversation needed to take place, we all saw the gate close and the light go out, and we were ready to get the heck out of there....and FAST. In our haste, I remember panicking that I couldn't get the gate open, and I remember looking to see Lisa straddling her way across the fence....either way, we all made it out of Pope's Tavern's front lawn, me with a fresh rip in my jeans, and ran like the wind towards our car. The first thing we did after we settled down and locked the doors was realize that we had caught this footage on video! As I drove away, Lisa flipped through the photos to find the video.....and it wasn't there. For some unexplainable reason, the video that she had been recording throughout the whole ghostly ordeal had not saved on my camera...Spooky, right??

Do you believe in ghosts?

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