An Apple a Day

Located in the heart of the Smokies, is the fabulous Apple Barn Cider Mill, surrounded by acres of apple tress and endless rolling hills, grassy fields, horses, and streams. The Apple Barn Farm was the perfect place for a welcoming breakfast on our first day of our family getaway to the mountains.

Upon arrival, we were treated to baskets full of apple goodies....namely, apple muffins and apple fritters. Which we topped with apple butter. And complimented with fresh apple juice. It was heaven for an apple lover, which I am, for sure.

Little Hudson loved traipsing freely around the grounds, stopping to say hello to raggedy scarecrows and various stuffed friends that graced the property, no doubt there celebrating Fall and the upcoming holiday.....Halloween!

With full bellies and renewed energy we were on to a day's worth of fun at a fabulously fun & kitschy theme park....Dollywood here we come!

{getting some fresh air....we made it to the mountains!}

{little Hudson found the perfect hiding spot on the 1st night....}

{and he thought it was pretty funny.}

{family fun at the Apple Barn}

{settling in for some apple treats!}

{my sweet parents}

{Hudson made a new friend}

{scarecrows everywhere}

{having a chat?}

{pretty fall leaves & one happy family}

{The Apple Barn and Cider Mill}


Will said...

That was a fun fun day with some good good food and a great great family!

Jeannie said...

What a good time we had. The weather was perfect for a trip to the mountains. I guess Hudson needed some alone time when he got under the table. Would love to have some of those apple muffins and apple butter. Delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

This looks like so much fun! Hudson fits in that little table so perfectly. :) And your entire family is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love love LOVE Hudson's hat!

archives said...

aw, what a handsome family! :)

Linley said...

I figured the watchers would eventually happen... haha at least it was only one person.

and about this post, I am a.) super jealous of y'all being in them smokies and b.) super jealous of y'all enjoying apple goodies at an orchard. (:


Pixie in Pumps said...

you are so kidding me! You are like 45 minutes from where I live! and I'm not there! I love the Apple Barn! It's so delicious! (lots of !!!!) How long are you staying in the area?

SJ said...

Oh, I LOVE the Apple Barn! Their apple butter is the best!