Summer's Last Stand

On the first day of Autumn, we woke up in the most "Summer" of places....the beach. We had driven down to Orange Beach to join Will's family for a spontaneous week of fun in the sun, and although Fall had been sneaking into my every thought for the past few days, I happily put pumpkin spice and cool nights on the back burner of my mind, traded for sunshine and summer jams blasted from the car stereo as we rode down the beach roads past sand dunes and sea oats. It was Summer's Last Hurrah, and we were sending her out with a bang.

Our week was spent transitioning between the pool and the beach for much of the daylight hours, and enjoying relaxing dinners under the stars. This was Hudson's second trip to the beach this year, and we could really tell a difference in his interest in the sand and ocean between June and September. During this trip, our little guy couldn't get enough of the beach. He loved digging in the sand with his hands, and standing at the water's edge as the waves lapped at his feet. He even walked on the shore, by himself....such a big boy. Most days Hudson was content to laze on a quilt with me for hours, sometimes walking between me and my sister-in-law as we caught up on conversations and cooed over our beautiful babies....other times playing with his sand bucket as he watched his DaDa throw a football with his grandfather. During occasional breaks inside, Hudson loved exploring his temporary abode, and teaching his little cousin Henri all about his favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba....the two of them would watch DJ Lance Rock and the gang on DVD, Hudson in his bouncy and Henri in her swing right beside him. He even got his Uncle Sam interested in the show, and sometimes he would sit close by to catch an episode or two. On the last day of the trip, we watched an action-packed Alabama football game from the cool comfort of the condo as the Tide came from behind to beat Arkansas in a thrilling win. Hudson's grandmother and I, unlike the men of the family, couldn't contain our shrieks and cheers....and at one crucial touchdown, the two of us jumped from our seats to yell for the team. We were all smiling and high-fiving when Hudson caught my eye from his seat on the couch which he had been sharing with his Dad & I....his sweet little face was contorted into a sad frown, his bottom lip curled under, and he was ready to cry! While we were all celebrating, the little guy had gotten startled. It was pitiful, but cute at the same time. After that, I held him close and made sure he understood what was happening. Only a few minutes passed before he was clapping along, and showing the family how well he could signal "Touchdown" with his arms above his head.  On the last night at the beach, the three of us played our traditional game of Pirate putt-putt. Hudson, of course, played along strapped onto Dad in the Bjorn. Will had mini-golfed with Hudson attached at the beach three months ago, but this time was a bit different because Hudson was very interested in helping Dad hold the golf club during putts. This made for some major cuteness...and many of the bystanders couldn't help but stop, stare, and smile. Will and Hudson beat me by ONE point at putt-putt, so to celebrate their win we finished up with some late night ice cream from Scoops where Hudson flirted with the pre-teen girls that were seated in the wooden outdoor booth behind us. What a little charmer!

We woke up the next day and took one last stroll down by the shore. It was a perfect way to bid adieu to a perfectly lovely Summer. Goodbye ocean waves and shimmering swimming pools. Goodbye ice cream and baseball. Goodbye swimsuits and strawberries. Farewell to Summer. We made some really wonderful memories this season, and although we're sad to see you go, we'll see you again next year. Now let's see if the first days of Autumn can live up to the last days of Summer.

{Life is Good}

{back to the beach, and playing in the sand this time!}

{beach baby}

{hugs from Dad}

{sooo happy!}

{a walk on the beach}

{soaking up the sun}

{laughing with Mom}

{"I can walk, DaDa!"}

{Sister-in-Law Liza with her baby Henri on the beach}  

{Our little Family}

{Dinner @ Lulu's} 

{Sam & Greg}

{Will & Martha}

{Liza, Henri, Me & Hudson}

{Hudson came to DANCE}

{with my sweet niece Henri}

{Hudson eating @ Sea & Suds}

{Henri hanging out at Sea & Suds}

{pretty baby}

{Liza and Henri}



{He's got the head tilt pose down!}

{just another day at the beach....and another sunburn for Will!}

{smiles & sunshine}

{Hudson checks out Henri's baby pool}

{taking a beach break}

{sharing a laugh on the beach}

{Shopping @ SanRoc Cay}

{sweet boys}

{checking out the boats}

{my two favorite guys}

{Hudson flirting with his new friends at Scoops}

{our last day at the beach}

{sand dunes & sea oats}


{"Bye-Bye Greg! We're headed home!"}

{Sam in his boat}

{Pointing is what he does best!}

{walking with MaMa}

{We love the beach!}

{Hudson was here!}

{tiny footprints in the sand}

{beach bums?}





{Don't fall down!}

{he loves to watch birds}


{"Bye Bye, Beach."}

{Thanks for being so beautiful.}

{Farewell to Summer}

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Jeannie said...

Looks like Hudson really enjoyed the beach this time. What a difference a few months make. He looks so sweet walking in the sand. Those are
good pictures. Henri has really grown and looks cute in her beach hat. You are making some good