A Night Out at UMI

Last night we had dinner at Florence's first upscale Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar. It was delicious! We started off with a couple of sushi rolls, the always classic California Roll and the more adventurous inside-out Spicy Tuna Roll. Both were scrumptious, and I am very excited that we now have a place right down the street that serves quality sushi. As it was our first trip to the restaurant last night, we chose not to sit at the Hibachi grill. We just weren't real sure how Hudson would react to the "show"....you know, flames on the grill and all that jazz. I'm glad we chose a table; it was a nice, intimate atmosphere and we really enjoyed our leisurely meal as a family of three. For our main course I had the quite predictable Vegetable Teriyaki, while Will went out on a limb , eating an eel dish! Yikes! He said it tasted like chicken. Although I'm sure he wasn't lying, I definitely passed up his offer for a taste. We had a great Friday night out. We'll definitely be visiting Umi again soon!

1. Happy Ashley
2. Sweet Hudson
3. Hungry Will
4. UMI

1. Only in Alabama will you find a Roll Tide Sushi Roll on the menu. I think we'll try it next time.
2. Hibachi Grillin'

1. Will's Eel!
2. The delicious sushi was devoured before I could remember to take a picture.

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