It's the Great Pumpkin, Little Hudson!

On Saturday we took Hudson to the Pumpkin Patch! Last year, our little sweetie was only 2 months old when we picked out his very first pumpkin! I remember cradling him carefully amongst the bright orange rows, posing for pictures as he transitioned from sleeping cozily to looking alert and wondering just exactly where he was. It was a world of difference this year when we visited McGee Farms to pick out his second pumpkin! We could barely keep up with the little guy. He had so much fun exploring the farm, playing with pumpkins and mums, and traipsing through the hay.

{He found lots of pumpkins he liked, and he touched each special one.}

{little sweetie in the pumpkin patch}

{"Hey Dad! I like this one!"}

{"Want to get both of these?"}

{"How about if we get four pumpkins?"}

{Mommy & Hudson}

{sweet boy with a long-stem pumpkin}

{surveying the area}

{little cutie climbed on the pumpkin cart as Daddy loaded our goods....}

{....I think he thought it was his wagon.}

{"Let's Go, DaDa!"}

{my favorite pic of the day}

{playing in the haystack with Dad}

{Hudson with his 'Hudson-sized' pumpkin}

{He carried this pumpkin all through the place while we waited on Dad to pay for our load of gourds and pumpkins}

{"Is anyone sitting here?"}

{sweet pretty baby}

{grabby hands in action}

{"Ooh, pretty flowers!"}

{trying to resist the urge to pick one}

{this is the face he makes when I tell him "No-No"}

{curious little guy}

{Family picture time! Notice Will's shiner*?}

{hangin' out by the hen house!}

{our picture perfect little punkin'}

{quickly after I snapped the previous picture, sneaky Hudson scurried to the wooden crate. It's hard to tell in the photos, but these shots were taken on a long truck bed....}

{....he figured out that if he stood in the crate, his Dad & I couldn't reach him to get him down from the truck!}

{"Ha! I've got Mommy & Daddy fooled! I think I just relax for a bit."}


{fun in the sunshine on an October afternoon}

{"I've been workin' on the railroad!"}

{a different perspective}

{little angel}

{making discoveries in the soft sunlight}


{me & my little man}

{He is always pointing at something....this time? A beautiful tree in downtown Tuscumbia.}

{"All Aboard!"}

{playing with his pumpkin at the train station}

{on the caboose}

{Who's driving?}

{We've got a lot of pumpkins to carve!}

{My project inspiration: Martha Stewart's Pumpkin Totem}

{I'm pretty proud of my work!}

{the finished product}

{"Hey! Let me out there!!"}

{Hudson's reaction to the pumpkins....I think he liked it!}

*Will got the black eye while helping my Dad on the Farm a couple of weeks ago. He was trying to herd some cows through a gate, and one of them decided they didn't want to be inside the fence and pushed right back through the swinging gate....injuring Will in the process. Needless to say, Will's heard quite a few jokes about being black and blue! On a positive note, he won't need to find a Halloween costume this year! We'll just paint a t-shirt with a big letter P, and he can be a "Black-Eyed P.". Ha!


Jeannie said...

What a great post!! I love all the pictures at the farm and the ones in Tuscumbia. Looks like the little guy had to touch everything at the pumpkin farm. He looks so sweet. I love the way you did your pumpkin totem. Cute hat you have on Ashley!!!

Ashley said...

Thanks Mom! And, also, thanks for being my favorite shopping partner....I love the hat, too! :)

Summer T said...

Those are some great pictures! Looks like Hudson had such a good time :)

That is the cutest outfit he has on. I can't believe how great your pumpkins look. I'm jealous :)

Ashley said...

Thanks Summer! Have you carved your pumpkin yet? Will is afraid mine are going to rot before Halloween...I hope not, though!! :) Let's get together soon!