I love a Parade.

I love the way everyone waits in anticipation of the approaching fanfare, some from cool, plush seats of air conditioned cars, others out on the steamy pavement where children play while parents chat about their hectic array of weekend plans. I love the way you can hear the drumbeats bang from blocks away, as the percussion announces the arrival of the band, leading the way for brightly colored paper-machier floats, cheerleaders who yell from the tip-top of the shiny red fire engine, and the many decorated enthusiasts who cheer from truck beds and throw candy from convertibles. I love a parade.

Hudson experienced his first parade when we went downtown to watch the UNA Homecoming Parade. The parade had his attention from the very beginning, as the lovely, loud sounds bellowing from the tubas and trombones, clarinets and flutes, swirled around his sweet little ears. He loved the glittering sequins of the UNA Majorettes, and followed them until they were out of view. It wasn't long before he spotted the mascot Leo as he zig-zagged down the streets on a Segway! He loved the fire engine and wasn't afraid of it's massive honk that shook the crowd as it creeped by. The police officers on motorcycles that weaved through the crowds, clearing the way for the parade with flashing lights and wailing sirens, were a definite showstopper for Hudson, who watched them intently, although they weren't meant to be a focal part of the festivities. He was enthralled by all the action, the cheers, the music, the sights....and then something wonderful happened. As rows and rows of bedazzled sorority girls marched by chanting special songs that they had written for the weekend, a sweet little pig-tailed blonde jumped out of formation and made a bee-line for little Hudson...she had something especially for him. A Dum-Dum, and it was my favorite flavor, Creme Soda. For a while he just held it, momentarily entranced by the Hudson sized sucker, forgetting all about the commotion surrounding him. As soon as we unwrapped it, he knew just what to do. That Dum-Dum didn't leave his mouth until the Creme Soda confection was a mere dot upon the end of the paper stick....at which time he threw a tiny tantrum, not quite understanding why we took away his delicious treat. It will be a while before he understands that although Dum-Dums are delectable, they don't last nearly long enough!  Eventually, the parade once again caught his glare, and the lollipop was forgotten. And finally, the floats had all passed, and the last few vehicles were sailing by. The fun was over, but we had a fabulous time. Yes, I love a parade. And I think Hudson does, too.


{Saturday Morning Smiles}

{pa-rum, pa-rum, pum, pum, pum. That's the sound of the drums.}

{watching the pretty girls pass by}

{pointing at the shiny, red fire truck. a big hit for Hudson.}

{Leo transports himself on a Segway! Much easier than walking!}

{Hudson's 1st Dum-Dum}

{"What should I do with this?"}

{"Ooooh! Delicious!"}

{Hudson's buddy Landon was there, too! You can see his mom's cute blog post about the parade here}

{looking on as Bowden's Animals creep by}

{We got UNA colored beads in addition to that still delicious Dum-Dum pop!}

{When's the next parade? We'll be there!}

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Jeannie said...

I love a parade. We went to a lot of parades when you were a majorette. So much fun! Hudson had his first dum dum. How sweet.