Hudson & Henri

Hudson & Henri are first cousins. They are only 9 months apart, and I just have a feeling that they will be great friends as they grow up together. Hudson's grandmother Martha ordered Hudson & Henri their first of what will probably be many coordinating outfits, these being corduroy and adorable. Henri's mom Liza, my sister-in-law, and I couldn't wait to get our sweet babies in their cute new clothes and photograph them.

These shots took place on two different evenings. The outdoor photos were taken last week as the first yellow leaves began to fall., and the indoor photos were taken just the other night as we gathered together for an Autumn dinner. Hudson did surprisingly well seated closely beside his little cousin, although his curiousity did get the best of him a few times as we caught him just as he reached his hand towards her face for an exploratory poke. But, luckily, both sessions ended without a teardrop from either baby! In fact, I think they enjoyed being snuggled close together. My favorite moments were when Henri smiled right at Hudson, and when Hudson reached his chubby hand over to hold his little cousin's tiny fingers.

I think these two are going to have lots of fun together in the future. I adore these precious pictures, hope you enjoy them, too!













Jeannie said...

What cute pictures! As usual good photography. You captured some special moments. I hope they are very close as they grow older. That is so sweet where Hudson is holding Henri's hand.

abehel said...

Sweet pictures! Love their outfits.