It's undeniable that we have lost an extremely valued treasure that has been with our family for the past ten months......Hudson's Bouncy. Otherwise known as a Baby Einstein Activity Bouncer, Hudson received this wonderful toy on his very first Christmas, from Santa. He has loved "Bouncy" from the moment he slipped his tiny little legs into the soft, green seat. At first, his little feet could hardly touch the ground, he was so tiny at 4 months old. But as time marched on, he grew taller, his feet touched the rug below, and we found ourselves adjusting the height settings from lowest, to higher, higher, highest in just a few short months. Hudson has used his Bouncy more than any other contraption in our home. He learned to love Yo Gabba Gabba from his comfortable bouncing seat, he ate many a yogurt breakfast there, and he basically bounced and giggled his way through endless hours every night. Bouncy has traveled with our family on every vacation, every weekend getaway, and even accompanied us on visits to the grandparents. During various moments throughout the day, when household duties called, I could always count on Bouncy to keep my little guy entertained and happy. Hudson never complained when we placed him in the cozy confines of his bouncer. He loved Bouncy very much.

And now on this October morning it feels as though we're losing a friend. A few weeks ago, one of Bouncy's
springs popped loose. We were unable to fix it, and after a phone call to the manufacturer they assured us that we would receive a replacement part within eight weeks. Hudson was able to continue using his toy, although it wasn't bouncing at full capacity. By the time we returned from our beach vacation, Bouncy came home with one more broken spring, and it became impossible for Hudson to sit in his favorite spot. With two broken springs and a drooping seat, we didn't allow him to bounce for fear that he would hurt himself.  Will placed another call to the manufacturer, and upon telling them the situation, they informed him that our Bouncy had, in fact, been discontinued. Instead of mailing a replacement part, they had sent us a full refund. I have a lot of respect for that company....sending us a full refund for an item that Hudson used for countless hours of every day for the past 10 months is more than generous....but I sure wasn't ready to let Bouncy go. I won't lie, I was hoping Hudson could get just a little bit more use out of his very favorite toy.

Will started to pull the dangling doo-dads from the bright colored bars of Bouncy. He was taking off all of the detachable toys before he took Hudson's beloved bouncer to the trash. I didn't help. I was to busy crying. Silly, or not, I was pretty upset. I was sad to let go a little piece of Hudson's history....his favorite toy, his first big Christmas gift, his choice of the best seat in the house. And most of all, I was sad that my little boy is undeniably growing up....quickly. Right before my very eyes. I don't think he understood exactly what was happening as I told him to tell Bouncy bye-bye, but as he reached his chubby little hand to the keyboard to pound out a tune and admire the flashing lights one last time, I couldn't help but feel like he was letting Bouncy go in his own way.

Goodbye Bouncy, old friend. We'll miss you. Thank you for the memories.

{12/25/09 Baby's First Christmas, and the arrival of Bouncy}

{first time in the bouncy}

{checking out his new toy at 4 months old}

{he was mesmerized by the blinking lights from the very beginning}

{happy in his bouncy on Christmas night}

{drooling, bouncing baby, 4 months old}

{"Can somebody get me a bib? I've drooled on my Bouncy."}

{Bouncing at 5 months old}

{teething while bouncing}

{Hudson's favorite toy lives on his bouncy!}

{lookin' cute in Bouncy}

{"I'm pretty adorable in Daddy's hat, huh?"}

{at 6 months old, still loving Bouncy}



{watching the 2010 Winter Olympics with Daddy from the comfort of Bouncy}

{Sweet Bouncy Baby, 7 months old}

{10 months old. DaDa makes Hudson's lion do funny things, and we're always surprised when we wake up!}

{Broken Bouncy, 10/1/10}

{"Why's everybody so sad?"}

{"Why are you taking my toys off of Bouncy, DaDa?"}

{"I love you, Bouncy."}

{"What's going on?"}

{playing one last tune, 13 months old}

{"Goodbye Bouncy."}

{"I'll miss you."}

{pretty flowers that arrived later that afternoon}

{the note reads: "Hope this brightens your day! Love, Will"}

{I have the sweetest husband.}

{It's been a few days, and I'm not feeling so sad. Hudson hasn't seemed to notice the absence. Maybe we'll survive without Bouncy, after all.}

A Look Back.......


Jeannie said...

What a sweet video, where has the time gone! There is one thing that hasn't changed, Hudson's
big beautiful smile. I love that little guy.
Sorry about the bouncy. That was sweet of Will to
send flowers.

The Sweetest Husband said...

This was a bit of a sad day but what great memories!