Friday Happies before a Warm Fall Weekend!

It's Fall! And it feels warm enough to water ski!! But, I love October. This is one of my favorite times of the year....the hope of cooler weather prompts me to pull out cozy sweaters and warm socks, curl up on the coach with a caramel apple and watch my favorite fall flicks, You've Got Mail and Hocus Pocus if you're wondering. We've been working on getting Hudson to bed a little earlier so that Will and I can enjoy a few super scary movies, too! I hope you're all feeling fine this weekend, and enjoying a glorious Autumn.....even if it's still 80 something degrees where you are, too! Until next week, here are a few of my favorites from the web!

Looks like my favorite TV family is ready for Halloween....can't wait to see this episode!

This girl's style.

I would like to wear a pretty, colorful tiara on my birthday!

Drew Barrymore's beautiful cover shoot for Harper's Bazaar. I especially love love love the beaded Chanel gown!

I think I'll make an inspiration board.

Hudson & I have been enjoying this book the past few days.

Oh to be an Upper East Side-er.

There are so many beautiful creatures in this wonderful world.

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Kellie Belue Jordan said...

Ok I LOVE October too... I would also like to take part in a movie watching tonight! Also.... I HEART Modern Family!!!!!!!!!!!