Friday Happies before a Peaceful Weekend!

Hi! The three of us have happened upon our first lazy weekend in quite awhile. We're looking forward to lounging at home, watching a little football, and just enjoying each other's company. I might even be carving another pumpkin....the middle pumpkin of my pumpkin totem completely rotted in record time, less than one week!! I even coated the carved edges in Vaseline like Martha Stewart told me....I think it may have had the opposite effect on my poor pumpkin. Oh Well! Hope you all have a happy and peaceful weekend! Here are some faves from the web:

Oh, how I love this....looks like a postcard that has come to life!

Clever & aesthetically pleasing! Love these framed objects.

A perfect autumn greeting for your loved ones.

Aren't these pretty?

This book looks pretty amazing.

So true.

Can someone braid my hair like this? Anyone?

A Chalkboard Wall? How enchanting!

Saved by a butterfly? What a neat story to add to the many miracles that blessed the Chilean miners.

This super cute clutch is disguised as one of my favorite books!

A very stealthy touch for a home kitchen.

Love the look of this Etsy Art...and it's wonderful style inspiration!


Lisa said...

:( 1 of our pumpkins bit the dust, too! Darn Vaseline! All that hard work for nothing! I'm not going to carve out another one, just scrape Landon's name onto the front of it. Good luck with yours! Have a great weekend!

Ashley said...

Ha Ha Lisa! They just don't grow pumpkins like they used to. ;)

Hope it wasn't your Brobee pumpkin!! Y'all have a good weekend too!