Dancin' in the Street

It's the one night out of the month that you're guaranteed to run into old friends who run happily towards you to embrace in a hug. The night when strangers stand together, listening to the wonderful sounds of live music float through the downtown alley-ways. It's the night when Court Street, normally reserved for Friday night traffic jams, erupts into a pedestrian only area, a village of happy folks and festive fun. It's First Friday in Downtown Florence...and like the many Fridays before, this night didn't disappoint.

We met our friends Paul & Allyson for a delicious dinner at our favorite local Italian joint, Ricatoni's.  Hudson was a doll at dinner, and became fast friends with Paul. After we finished eating, we headed down the street where the art was proudly displayed and the music wafted through the clear night-time sky.  As we made our way to historic cobblestone Mobile Street, we caught a glimpse of girls of all ages as they heartily hula-hooped along to the sounds of the Ray Brothers. There were pink hoops and blue ones, striped ones and even some that glowed brightly in the dark. Our little cutie loved watching the girls, and grooving along to the tunes.

As always, we had a terrific time. First Friday in Florence is the perfect time to relish in the hustle and bustle of downtown, eat fabulous food and spend cherished times with friends. It's even the perfect place to dance in the street....just be sure to leave your inhibitions and your uncomfortable shoes at home.

{just another fun Friday night}

{Me & Allyson, who is expecting her first baby on Christmas Day! It's a boy!!}

{dancing with Daddy} 

{pointing, of course}

{"Hey Paul & Allyson....why aren't you dancing?"}

{Hudson & his buddy Paul}

{me & my little sweetie}

{hula hooping the night away!}

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