Alabama Autumn Hummingbirds

Every year around this time, many different types of beautiful hummingbirds make a stop along the Natchez Trace, fueling up on sweet nectar, strenghtening themselves for a long flight south.  I was a bit leary about visiting this location again, as it wasn't long ago I dropped my camera lens in this very spot....treacherously close to a slimy snake! But, we braved the conditions, and carried on down the narrow path, through the birch and pine, toward the swampy creekland which boasts of native plants that feed the lovely wildlife of our area.  We did not see any snakes this time, but we did have a scare when another birdwatcher nearly fell into the creek with his dog. Will was ready to spring into action, as the elderly man tumbled down the leaf strewn ground, slipping and sliding dangerously close to to the water's edge.  Thankfully, the man was able to catch himself on a branch, barely escaping the cool grips of the swamp, and saving Will the trouble of jumping in after him. Little Hudson had a ball, as always, on this little adventure. From the safety of his red wagon, he viewed the sights....nature, wildlife, and hummingbirds.

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Jeannie said...

Where are the hummingbirds??? Beautiful picture of you and Hudson.