Yesterday's Lazy cures Today's Crazy

Did you guys see Modern Family this week? Oh, how I loved it. It was so wonderful in all of it's Halloween glory. If you watched, then you probably recognize the title of my post from the show. But, I digress. I'm not writing about my favorite show. Not tonight. Because....I'm on vacation! Woop Woop! I'm going to make this short & sweet, because I have one precious little bundle of love rolling around on the couch next to me. So back to the title....

I packed for the 3 of us yesterday, very hastily, between washing loads of laundry, cooking tacos, and creating a cd mix for us to listen to on our trip. I hate packing. I'm like a grown up Kevin McCallister...."Can somebody pack my suitcase?" Ok, enough with the pop culture references already. I'm finished. I promise. Well, since I hate packing, I try to get it done quickly. Which isn't always easy, considering I now pack for two. I went throwing things into our bags, stuffing shoes & socks into tight places, packing toys & toothbrushes where I could squeeze them in. Yes, last night, I smashed 4 days worth of clothes into 2 suitcases, and this morning I had all of the hard work behind me. So we loaded up, and headed north for a long weekend in the mountains.

We arrived after about 6 hours on the road to the beautiful Smoky Mountains. The temperature had dropped drastically, and as we stepped out into the brisk air, I realized I needed to bundle Hudson up in his new coat. As soon as I turned to get it I knew it wouldn't be there. I had forgotten it. Of all things....I forgot to pack the baby's coat. Last night, I had laid it out, but it didn't fit in our bag. So in my haste, and perhaps, dare I say, laziness, I told myself I'd grab it later, after I got everything else packed. Today when I realized that it wasn't in the car, I went a little crazy. Now what was the cure?

The best cure of all...a wonderful fix for many problems...Shopping!! We found an adorable coat for Hudson at a cute little children's shop. So, in fact, "yesterday's lazy cured today's crazy" for my own modern little family of three, in a roundabout way. And guess what else? Will and I even got a couple new things, including new Pumas for the both of us....and mine have sparkles! This trip has gotten off to a great start....wonder what's in store for the rest of the weekend?

1. smiley in the smokies...in my new Puma sweatshirt
2. sweet baby bundled in his new aviator jacket
3. his & hers new shoes! woo hoo!


The Sweetest Little Lamb in Town.

I am absolutely in love with Hudson's Halloween costume. It's the first time he's dressed up to celebrate the spooky holiday...he was much to little last year at only 2 months old. I had such a great time picking out his first costume, and I think it's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen....a sweet little lamb.

Hudson loves reading about animals, and we've been talking alot lately about sheep, and how they say baa! I don't think he's quite connected the fact that he's dressed up like one of his favorite story characters, but he sure does flash a big grin when we get to the page in his book that has the fluffy, white sheep. I can't wait to show off our little lamb to our family and friends this Halloween!


Baa Baa! Happy Halloween!


Hudson & Henri

Hudson & Henri are first cousins. They are only 9 months apart, and I just have a feeling that they will be great friends as they grow up together. Hudson's grandmother Martha ordered Hudson & Henri their first of what will probably be many coordinating outfits, these being corduroy and adorable. Henri's mom Liza, my sister-in-law, and I couldn't wait to get our sweet babies in their cute new clothes and photograph them.

These shots took place on two different evenings. The outdoor photos were taken last week as the first yellow leaves began to fall., and the indoor photos were taken just the other night as we gathered together for an Autumn dinner. Hudson did surprisingly well seated closely beside his little cousin, although his curiousity did get the best of him a few times as we caught him just as he reached his hand towards her face for an exploratory poke. But, luckily, both sessions ended without a teardrop from either baby! In fact, I think they enjoyed being snuggled close together. My favorite moments were when Henri smiled right at Hudson, and when Hudson reached his chubby hand over to hold his little cousin's tiny fingers.

I think these two are going to have lots of fun together in the future. I adore these precious pictures, hope you enjoy them, too!













Go BAMA! Beat Tennessee!

Little Hudson will be looking for a big win today, Bama. Please don't disappoint him. He's been working so hard on his touchdown signal....it would be awfully unfortunate if he didn't get to cheer on the team due to lousy playing. How about a blowout? He sure would be a happy, little Alabama fan if we stomped those Vols!

{"Sheesh, Alabama....let's please have a good game this weekend!"}


{a relaxing way to watch the game}

{sweet pea}

{Will wants a big win, too!}