The Nina, the Pinta, and the....Yacht?

Last weekend we strolled down to the Florence Harbor to view a couple of floating pieces of history: the Nina and the Pinta....impressive historical replicas of the ships on which Columbus sailed across the Atlantic on his three voyages of discovery to the new world beginning in 1492. Absent from the Harbor was Columbus's third ship, the Santa Maria, which he notoriously never liked. The Santa Maria ran aground and sank early in his voyage, so naturally, the Santa Maria wasn't present in the Tennessee River last weekend because a replica was not created. Instead, there was a very unlikely ship docked right behind the Nina and Pinta....the Freedom Yacht, which belongs to one of our wealthier Florence citizens. It was quite ironic to see the two historic vessels that represented the very ships that aided in altering the course of Western history alongside a 141 foot luxury yacht of today. And also ironic? The fact that the bystanders and tourists were taking far more photographs of the shiny, white yacht than the the most historically accurate replica of a Columbus Ship ever built and the only touring maritime museum in operation.

{The Nina & The Pinta}

{Permission to come aboard, Captain?}

{ship watchers}

{big boats, little baby}

{Ahoy, Matey}

{Mama with her little first mate!}

{Boys with Boats!}

{ready to set sail}

{"Get me outta this wagon! I want to go on a boat ride!"}

{One of these ships is different....Which one doesn't belong?}

{Our family of 3 on the Tennessee!}

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