Newsletter from Mommy - 13 Months

Dearest Little Hudson,

Each day with you becomes more and more fun. We are amazed at all of the things you have learned in just the past month since your 1st birthday. Your personality shines brighter every day, and you are simply a joy to be around.

You love music! Since you were born, music has always had a calming effect on you...you used to love to sit in your swing as a newborn, listening to the soft tinkling of music, whether it was from the song your swing played or from your favorite Baby Einstein Classical Music cd. These days, you love all kinds of music, but especially the uptempo! When you eat lunch in your highchair I sometimes play Michael Buble...and you have such a big smile when he croons over the swinging music. When you are playing with your toys and a song happens to come on the TV in the background, you will stop what you are doing and dance. You put your little arms to each side and twist from side to side. It's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

This month, your hand-eye coordination has grown by leaps and bounds. You love to point your little finger at anything that interests you. You point at your toys and utter sounds so that we will pay attention to what you are trying to show us. You point at MaMa & DaDa, the dogs, and your bottle. You can point at specific items in books that we look at.  You even point up your nose...ha ha! You have also gotten very good at clapping your sweet hands, and you do so whenever you are excited or proud of yourself. In the last few days you have also learned to "gimme five". You pick things up so easily, after we have shown you how only a few times.

Your favorite song for us to sing right now is Itsy Bitsy Spider. You love when we we say "Down came the rain", and perform the hand motion. You smile and laugh every time! You still love to hear the ABC's and to play Patty-Cake with MaMa. One day we were playing "Peek-a-Boo" by covering up your head with a blanket, asking "Where's Hudson?", then pulling the blanket down to reveal your smiley face and proclaiming "There he is!". You thought that was soo funny, so we played for quite a long time. After a while, we stopped pulling the blanket over your head, so you continued to do so yourself. You would cover up your little head, wait a second, then jerk the blanket off, smiling at us with your big, beautiful smile. You love to play!

Daddy has been taking you for daily rides in your Radio Flyer wagon since last month, and wagon rides have quickly become one of your favorite things to do. Sometimes he takes you for simple rides through the yard, and other times the three of us go for long walks through the neighborhood or around the park. You enjoy every second spent in your red wagon, and love to prop yourself up on both knees while you ride.

Shortly after your Rubber Ducky Party you added another word to your repertoire...."Duck." Your favorite book this month has been A Cuddle for Little Duck, and you love to visit the ducks at the park. You do quite a bit of jabbering, and I know it won't be long before you start to add many more words to your six word vocabulary: MaMa, DaDa, Bye Bye, No No, Tickle, and Duck. And it's worth noting you have started doing one very cute thing...whispering. Sometimes when Daddy is at work, I'll ask you "Where's DaDa?" You will look around the room, then turn to me with your big eyes and whisper "DaDa?" My heart just melts. It is as though you are astonished that you still know how to say the name of your #1 guy...so you repeat ever so quietly.

Your most important development this month is a big one. Drumroll, please.....You are officially WALKING! What a big boy! You have been able to walk behind your push toys for a couple of months now, but you have finally grown comfortable enough to take steps all by yourself. In just the past few days, you have increased your steps from 2 or 3, to walking all the way across the room. You walk everywhere around the house you can, until you topple over....then you crawl the rest of the way. We can't believe what a big boy you are. We are so very proud.

You are a true adventurer. We can't turn away from you for one second. You are all over the place, whether you are exploring, climbing onto the furniture, or slinking under the furniture. You have begun to pull the air vents out of the floor, and the other day we caught you just before you tossed my car keys deep inside the vent. You love to throw things out of containers, and then pick them up and put them back in, one by one. You are a truly inquisitive soul, and we love your sense of adventure.

We are having so much fun with you. You are growing into quite a little character and we can't wait to see what month 14 has in store.

I love you more than words can say!


{Strike a Pose}

{pretty baby}


{sweet face}

{on the move}

{raindrops fallin' on his head}

{Bye Bye!}


Summer T said...

Hudson you get cuter everyday :)

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so proud that you have started walking all by yourself :)

Jeannie said...

I love these pictures! Mama is doing a wonderful job capturing your cute expressions. I also like your little outfit!!!