I'm not running around rockin' mom jeans....

Have you seen this commercial?

SO Funny. I saw it a while back, and I couldn't help but imagine that a million moms out there could relate....myself included. That being said, I experienced a very embarrassing moment today....in fact, I was embarrassed about something that was no fault of my own. Continue reading at your own risk....

There I was, minding my own business in the parking lot of our horribly bland local shopping mall. Hudson and I had made a quick visit to the Gap, one of the only decent stores in said mall, to pick up some fall gear for the little guy. We had made our exit, and as you moms out there know, the worst part of any journey is 'entering and exiting the vehicle.' Not only must you keep up with all of the standard paraphernalia that is attached to your body at any time you are out....purse, car keys, sunglasses, etc., you must also keep track of all of the baby's various and sundry items....diaper bag, stroller, toys, bottles, etc. It's a wonder any mom is able to keep her head attached! But, I digress. There we were, loading ourselves and all of our goods into the SUV. I had just placed Hudson, ever so precariously, into his car seat which is strapped in to the middle section of the backseat. As you could imagine, I was standing there feet firmly on the pavement, bending over the left hand passengar's back seat grunting and groaning and stretching my arms to get Hudson safely buckled in. I was surrounded by shopping bags on my left and a stroller on my right. All of a sudden, approaching behind me I hear the rumble of a car engine. As it gets closer, I hear it rev up loudly, and I turn to glance in the direction of the noise....I'm always careful to be aware of my surroundings. There I see a black mustang barreling quickly down the aisle of the parking lot, coming closer with the booming sound of their stereo muted only by the roar of their motor. The windows are down, and I see that the car holds two teenage boys with shaggy hair blowing in the breeze. As they zoom past me, halfway contortioned into the back seat of the car wearing my baggiest boyfriend jeans, black tee, and Havianas, the driver pops his head out the window and yells....YELLS....over the roar of his engine: "Mama's got some A**". I thought I would die right there, with Hudson halfway strapped into his carseat, of utter embarrasment. Was it worse that a teenager had just called me MAMA? Eeeeew. I was a teenager just few short years ago! Or was it humiliating simply because any time a cat call has been uttered in my direction I have always wanted to crumple into a ball on the floor to save me from experiencing the feeling of objectification? Who knows. All I know is that the parking lot "shout out" was exasperating. I decided to never mention this moment again, as I glanced around the parking lot to see just how many mall patrons were witnesses to this terrible situation. But as I drove home, face still burning red with humiliation, I changed my mind....and resolved to share with Will the situation that had thrown me into such a tizzy. Bad Idea. Guess what he said to me all night between fits of laughter? "Mama's got some A**". How embarrasing.

Now watch this...it makes me think of Will & Me....where my Mother/Father's at?

So I don't drive a "Swagger Wagon" Mini-Van...but I'm a Mom, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Time to embrace this embarrasing situation...there's bound to be more. Besides, like the song says: I used to party as a college chick.....now I'm cruising to the playdates lookin' all slick. HA!

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