Friday Happies before a Fun Football Weekend!

Hi Bloggers! I hope that you all have the most wonderful holiday weekend plans, and will celebrate a happy and safe Labor Day! I'm looking forward to watching the first college football game of the season with my hubby and our dear friends.....Roll Tide Roll! Until next time, here are a few fun things from around the internet!

The cutest clutch I've ever seen. Red fox purse? Yes, please!

One of my favorite poems recited by this little sweetie pie.

How not to be a plain jane.

What a cool party. And fashionable, too!

fabulous fall trend I'm excited about! Have you stocked up on socks?

People that dare to be different, and look great doing it!

I want to go to Maine. And eat lots of lobster.

Bla-Bla Dolls are so sweet and cuddly! Hudson adores his Mozart Monkey and Mini-Lemonade the Dog.

Who comes up with these names? My new fall favorite nail polish.


Summer T said...

My children will be loaded up on blabla. They are my favorite. The clothes are adorable. Did you see the Mozart Monkey Do Re Mi shirt? :)

Ashley said...

I love them all, Summer! Mozart Monkey that you gave Hudson has been one of his favorites since he was born! I did see that little shirt, and I thought it was precious!! And only $12! (I do believe I should get it....it would make a really cute picture, right?)