Correcting FLOTUS

For those of you who are not privy to the code words used by the United States Secret Service, FLOTUS stands for the First Lady of The United States and wife of POTUS, also known as the President of the United States. A couple of weeks ago, the three of us were fortunate enough to meet our very elegant and always classy former First Lady, Laura Bush. Mrs. Bush had stopped into Florence after a tour through New Orleans on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. She was in town to speak during a dinner function at a local Christian University and spent a few hours of the afternoon at our local bookstore signing copies of her recently published book, Spoken From the Heart. When Will and I heard that Laura Bush would be visiting, we immediately decided to partake in the book signing. We both admire a lot of what she and President George W. Bush have done for our country in the past decade, so a chance at meeting her was a must.

In order to go to the book signing, Mrs. Bush's began passing out numbered wristbands on a Thursday afternoon before the Saturday event, at 5:00 in the evening. Will, Hudson, and I arrived at Books-a-Million around 4:45 p.m. that Thursday, in hopes to breeze in and receive our place in line. Little did we know, fellow admirers of the First Lady had come from near and far to nab their wristbands and solidify their chance to meet Laura Bush. By the time we had stood in the queue for two hours, we received our band and viewed our numbers: we were assigned as the 285th and 286th people that would meet Mrs. Bush on the following Saturday.

Luckily on the day of the signing, the line moved pretty quickly once we were able to get inside the bookstore. We had been instructed to arrive at 12 noon so that everyone could move into and ordered line, based on our designated wristband number. From 12 until 1:00 p.m. we unfortunately had to stand in the blazing heat with approximately 400 other men and women while the Secret Service performed a thorough sweep of the facility, removing all trash receptacles and installing metal detectors at the entrance. But once the people started filing in, we had only about an hour left before we met the First Lady.

Hudson was a perfect little angel the entire time. Through the hot and humid hour outside, all the way to the signing of our book he didn't utter a sound. All of the ladies around us were in awe of how sweet he was, and how a one year old baby managed to stay calm through two hours of waiting in line. Hudson loved all of the attention he was getting from the kind ladies, and he is usually a sweetie as long as his MaMa or DaDa are holding him close.

Our time finally came, and as we approached the table I finally caught a glimpse of the lovely Laura Bush. She looked as regal and sophisticated as I had imagined she would, wearing a crisp white suit with a green and yellow scarf. As we moved closer I saw her quickly glimpse our way, noticing Hudson, more than likely because he had been the only baby there that day. We handed her our books to be signed, and she immediately greeted us, making eye contact and smiling. She proceeded to coo to Baby Hudson, and he was just grinning away. Since his romper had his name embroidered on it, the First Lady addressed him by name, saying "Well, hello! Is your name Hudson? You sure are being good! Are you getting sleepy? Is it your nap-time?" At that point I quite cleverly interjected that it was "Yes, it is close to nap-time, but Hudson really wanted to meet you!" To that she replied, "Thank you! I'm so glad you all could come, and I'm happy to be here. She sure is a beautiful baby!"  Did you catch that? She?! Bless his little heart...Hudson has been called a girl since the day he was born, but I couldn't just let it go, especially because it was his very first meeting with a U.S. dignitary, mine, too, for that matter. I politely replied, "OH, thank you. But, he's a little boy!" Will later told me he was just waiting to see what I would do...would I possibly correct the First Lady? You bet I did....pretty or not, our sweetie is no girl. Besides, I guess I'll always have this unique anecdote to share about the time I corrected FLOTUS.

{Hudson is ready to meet Laura Bush!}

{#285 & #286}

{no photographs allowed inside....check out the line of people forming at the entrance}

{Our signed copy of Spoken From the Heart}

{Will is looking very scholarly.}

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Jeannie said...

Is there anything little Hudson does not enjoy?
That is such a sweet picture of him. Thank you for my signed copy, wish I could have met her but long lines are not for me!