and the Tide keeps rolling!

The Alabama Crimson Tide celebrated another win on Saturday....cementing a 2-0 record for what looks to be another fabulous year for the team! Hudson has yet to see Bama lose a game! He was born shortly before football season began last year, and after an undefeated season and a National Championship title, the Tide seems to be on quite a roll! We enjoyed watching the game with our little Bama Boy and celebrating a wonderful win over Penn State.

{our little Bama Boy!}

{"Hey Dad, what time does the game start?"}

{"I can't wait to watch the team!"}

{Roll Tide!}

{"Time to get dressed yet?"}

{watching the game from his new favorite spot....he likes to climb on the couch all by himself.}

{an intense moment}

{working on his catching}

{Yay! Roll Tide Roll!}


The Gists said...

So cute! Hudson must be good luck for Bama!!!

Ashley said...

Thanks Olivia! Yes, I think he is Bama's little good luck charm! :)

p.s. I just realized that you started your blog!! Yay! I am your newest follower. ;)

Jeannie said...

I love these pictures! Such a cute little "Bama
Boy". I love the big smile showing your little